Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wildlights at the Zoo!

Here's our bright-eyed, smiley girl! She had so much fun at the zoo tonight!
We loved taking in all the sights- especially the lights around the fountain that were set to music!
Caroline was mesmerized for the first hour, then she let loose and started chattering away. She even said goodbye to the lights when we left!
Love this tree!
Daddy had fun showing Caroline the fish and the manatees.
And I caught this one nibbling on some lettuce. It was in the mid-forties tonight so the zoo was pretty crowded, but we still managed to enjoy the sights. We even stopped and picked up a Benny's pizza on the way home- a perfect way to end our night! I can't believe the year is coming to an end. What a ride it's been!

Camera Play!

Mommy got a nice new camera for Christmas!
Uh-oh. I think that means MORE pictures!
Mommy decided to play around tonight with it while Caroline was clearly more interested in cooking.
It will be fun to experiment with all these new settings! Next up- trying to photograph the holiday lights at the zoo!

New Home Decor!

Okay, well it's really just wall art - or more pictures of Caroline, but I was excited to finally get them framed and hung above the king bed. Rick says we now have a shrine. So be it! That's the cutest wall art I've seen!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Tonight we stopped to see Grandma Smith and Caroline was quite smitten with her Grandpa Smith. All smiles, giggles, and flirty!
Here Grandma & Grandpa Smith pose with their Grandkids! Great looking crew!
Caroline was a hit in church- and still awake and smiling until 10:30 p.m. tonight! She's going to be one tired girl tomorrow!
And a new tradition is to drive by this home in New California Woods on Christmas Eve. It's amazing how many lights they have. They have music playing and even a santa in a hot air balloon suspended in the trees. It's definitely worth a drive by! Caroline was awake and enjoyed her first look at the lights also! Have a Merry Christmas everyone! The countdown is on!

Peeking and hiding

Someone was peeking at Mommy under the kitchen table today.
I believe she's diggin around her high chair for lost crumbs. (Ick!)
But it's fun to peek and hide too! I think all we downed in this session was a slightly old cheerio. Whew! It's such fun to explore! You never really know how dirty your house is until you have a 14 month old.

A Long Winter's Nap

Tilly sleeps while visions of sugarplums dance in her head. as a dog. Moments ago they were both laying side by side in the same position. Then Tilly heard the camera.
It's like 14 degrees out there...and yet she decides its a good idea to lay on the patio in the snow.
I guess it's obvious we still have the mutt. Any takers? Look how well behaved she is!!! Need a last minute Christmas gift? Anyone?

Knee Walker

Someone is still refusing to walk on her feet these days.
She much prefers to walk on her knees.
I don't know how she does it, but she does! And she's pretty darn fast, too!
Silly girl!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It was time for a Christmas photo shoot since we broke out the holiday dress!
She was having a ball rocking in her rocker, and that seemed to keep her 'still' in front of the tree better than on her own bottom!
She just sat, rocked and giggled while I snapped away.
We can hardly wait to enjoy the holiday with our girl! Two more days of school and then Mommy can get some work done. We're looking forward to some family time together.
Our dear friend Nancy Tela always seems to have a litte gift for Caroline when we go to church. Today she had this bear which sings 'Jesus Loves Me'. It's a hit! Caroline loves it, and we love Nancy. Happy Holiday, Everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nighttime singsong with Daddy

Well it's a bit dark, but the fun is in the listening not the viewing. Caroline is singing with her Daddy and to her Daddy as she gets ready for night-night. Enjoy!


Someone was all smiley and giggly at the dinner table tonight.
So I grabbed the camera to snap a few pics of those teeth. You just have to ignore the messy face and the yogurt dripping from her nose!
Teeth count: 4 1/2. Two on bottom, Two on top left, and a half a tooth sprouting on the right. So funny to see a half a mouth of teeth up there.
I guess if you can get past the yogurt drip, you can overlook the corn in the mouth, too!
And finally, I captured the infamous 'flirty eyes' pose. She loves to put her chin down and look up at you with those eyes. Cracks me up every time. She especially loves it when you mimic her and do it in return. Where does she learn this stuff??

Monday, December 13, 2010

More fun photography pics

Click to enlarge. I love this first one - It just melts me!
Our girl looks so big here standing next to her rocker.
Baby blue eyes!
Someone is being vocal here- true to character!
And speaking of characters...take a look at these!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneak Peek of Photo Shoot...

We ventured to Cincy on the Sunday after Thanksgiving to meet up with a friend/photographer. We actually took these in Devou Park, Covington, KY. It's just across the river in Cincinnati. It was a brisk fall day. Our cheeks got rosier as the day went on! Here are just a few. She'll be sending us the CD this weekend and then we can print whatever we'd like!
I'm anxious to see them all and narrow down our choices for a Christmas card. By the looks of these, it's going to be tough to decide!
You're all #1 in Caroline's book! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I think you can click to enlarge the video.. Caroline is trying to take a few steps, and she decided that the pampers box was the perfect toy to help her walk. Without wheels, it moves at just the right pace. Look at her go!

Ho Ho Howdy

Someone sure likes the Santa hat!
Well. Perhaps it's just as fun when it covers your whole face?? Is this what Santa looks like on December 26th?
We'll have to try to coordinate her outfit to match the holiday attire next time. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Look what's in the box!

Cutest contents ever!
Ahh..the fun you can have with cardboard!
Hmmm..could be used as a time-out chair, too? Nah..looks way too fun for that!