Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Read!

Someone is loving her books. I just missed the shot before this- Her left leg was crossed over her right leg as the right leg is propped up against ottoman. Can we say she's a little casual?
And sometimes it helps if you get your feet involved in the reading process....I mean, how do you expect her to hold that book all by herself the whole time?
There's nothing better than a good summer read....even if it is upside down! Happy Reading! By the way-- the book suffered a tragic fate moments after this. Yep- her chin was sporting some soggy cardboard, and the book a nice bite! It seems books are for more than just reading!

Big Girl Jammies!

Sniff, sniff! I can't believe how grown up she is getting! Here she is in her new fall jammies. And they fit pretty well. The jammies with footies are getting smaller by the day with my 28 inch girl!
So big! (Those are green & lilac froggies if you couldn't tell!) Thanks for HOPping on over here!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I've Been Krogering

Well, at least that's what my stickers say!
I've been mesmerized by these three stickers ever since my Mommy took me grocery shopping tonight. Important to note- Mommy had nothing to do with the stickers. They were a gift from the bagger at the checkout. He decorated me while Mommy was paying for our groceries as he claimed, "I'm about to attack your kid with stickers." Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun?I even tried to eat the stickers off my arms in the car ride home. Mommy is just glad I didn't feel the same about the bandaid the nurse gave me this morning! And now you understand how lucky Mommy was to get a shot of me actually looking at the camera. These stickers are way more interesting than Mommy. Shopping, anyone?

A tisket, a tasket...guess who dumped the basket?

This is the 'what the heck did I just pull over on top of myself'' look?
I think we figured out what happened here...
And now that we discovered we can get to the bottom of the toy basket, we like to tip it over ALL the time now!
Such joy in the little things!
Same excitement, different day!
Finding buried toys is just the best! Notice how sometimes I like to put my whole foot or body into the basket and dig, dig, dig!
Just another example of that determination and will! Yikes!

Giggling with the Ward's

Caroline is showing off her pointer finger these days... and thinks it's quite funny if you notice!
We also love pat-a-cake. Actually, we love anything that gets attention!
What a ham!

Nine month stats update

We went to the doc today! Caroline weighs 19 lb 2 oz and is in the 60 % for weight. Her length is 28 and 1/4 inches - 75%, and head circumference is 45 - 80%. I guess she needs the extra room for all that brain power!

She did great with her shots- only wimpered a little and didn't even shed one tear! What a brave little girl!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Look who's been hiding!
And when we're done peeking, we pull it right back over again!
This is the best game ever!
And even better when we have an audience!
Until next time...you'll just have to guess where we are!

Shared photo book from Laurie: Fifth St

Click here to view this photo book larger

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Can you tell I'm gushing?? It's finally done and looking new again! This loveseat has been through a lot over the years...just ask the dog! It almost didn't make it to the new home. It's spent time in Wendy's basement and our garage, and voila! Today it has a brand new cover! Woo-hoo!! Furniture in the front room! Yes!

Finger Foods!

This is the 'what on earth is that stuff?' look!
Hmm...bites of banana and rice puffs...I think I'll try a few.
Wow, this eating with your hands stuff is fun!
I could do this all day!
It's really fun when you actually start to make a paste out of your food. Lots of fun for Mommy to clean up!
There's our cheesy girl! I was actually impressed that she noticed food bites on her bib, so she started pulling her bib up to her mouth to eat off of that. Such a smart kid! Daddy gets to try spaghetti noodles tonight! Should make for some more fun photos! Ah, she's growing up too fast!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some girl fun...

Strike a pose! Mommy had some fun with hair accessories this week!
And don't be fooled...the doll in this picture is not about to crawl anywhere. She's most likely on her way to a belly flop followed by a roll!
The girls had a nice lunch visit with Amy and her niece Lily. Amy lives much too far away in North Carolina. She'll be a Mommy in December, and we cannot wait! (and it is merely a coincidence that the adults are dressed like the little ones in this photo!)
Mommy, what the heck do you have on my head, now??
Okay, there's a teeny part of me that loves all this attention! Bring on that camera, Mom!

Lunch, anyone?

Care to join me for lunch? Or how about a nice big kiss?
In case you haven't already guessed, carrots is on the menu today.
Check, please!
And here we are all cleaned up! I'm not sure the washcloth will ever be the same.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think we might be in trouble...

Well, someone discovered the entertainment stand today....
And is showing great determination....
Always a good idea to taste it first...
Or stop and take a break to watch TV for awhile...
Put your whole body into it and see what happens.
Or roll around to try and get even closer.
And finally...get mad! Wow, I have a feeling this determination is going to be trouble mighty soon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giggling with the Smith's!

Someone was gaga over her Grandpa Smith at the ballpark tonight!
..and it appears the feeling is mutual!

I love this shot of Brady at the fence...he's just like a pro!
And this shot of Aunt Lori giving kisses!
High-five Brady! Great work out there tonight!
It was a fun night- and as you can see - much enjoyed!