Saturday, June 23, 2012

One final Splash!

 Is this not the cutest. thing. ever???
 That's pretty much what we saw the entire time we were there.
 Lucy toddling around, heading for water, and FEARLESS.
 Look how she has her hands up reaching for that water. She was the smallest one there, and absolutely had the most fun.
 Caroline had fun too, but took breaks every two minutes to dry off, only to run right back out again.
 Loving. Every. Minute.
 Here Lucy was sitting right on top of the water spout and laughing as it came squirting up at her.
 That can't be my kid.  I like water...but not in my face.  Now you know why we visited a lot of Splash pads. It is so fun to see them enjoying life.  We had a great vacation, even if only for a few days and the girls were great troupers the entire time.  We are blessed.
Oh yeah...and I'm ending our trip with a mean Mommy award.  I took them into the watch.  Yep...didn't get to ride it this year, but I left my money in the car at the top of the hill, and we were wiped out and ready to head home anyway.  Next time girls, I promise!   So long, St. Joe!

Playing in downtown St. Joe

 There was a marine life/pirate theme in downtown this year.  Our first stop was this turtle designed by the Girl Scouts.  Caroline was mesmerized by it.
 And Lucy, too!
 We found a pirate ship to play in - Caroline is saying "Arrgh" and making her best pirate face here.

 Lucy isn't one to be left out.  She wanted in on the action every time.
 More pirate faces.
 How cool is this dolphin?  Johnny Depp would love it!
And we only saw this guy from the car, but loved his jacket - full of Looney Tunes characters.  Now that's some cool Arrrrrrt!

More Vacation Fun

 That is one large ship!
 It was pulling into the channel at Grand Haven as we arrived after our morning at Holland beach.
 Caroline said, "WOW", and couldn't wait to get out of the car to see it up close.
 And we discovered yet another splash pad in Grand Haven.
 And we ran into Russ & Debbie again!
 Lucy wasn't as sure about the temp of the water at this one!
 And after a great meal at the Crazy Horse in Holland, we headed back to the beach for sunset.
 My loves.
 It was a beautiful night to watch the ships come in and feel the breeze off the Lake.
 The girls modeled their new Lake Michigan sweatshirts for us.
 A family photo op!
So peaceful.  We love it here.

Holland Beach

 We spent Day 3 at Holland Beach State Park - and as you can see, Lucy is sitting among most of the beach's sand on her towel.
 Luckily, we brought along our baby pool - and once it was filled with Lake water, this little girl became much easier to control.
 They both had a ball splashing around in here.
 Our view of the lighthouse from the sand.
 And Caroline still prefers playing in the sand.  I guess you could say she really 'digs' it??  (Insert groan here.)
Daddy and Lucy test out the Lake water, and reported that it's cold.

And what could be better after a warm day on the beach, than sharing an ice cream cone with your sister??

Grand times in Grand Haven!

Our dear friends, the Harwood's, happened to be visiting Michigan at the same time, so of course we met up for lunch.
 We stopped to visit Debbie's folks and got a mini tour of her city.
 Russ always has a ball charming the kids.
 And we hit up the hotel pool for a little more play time.

 Lucy shows off her cheesy face - complete with a cracker in her mouth!
 And Caroline tries out her water wings!
Gotta love a vacation where there's some splashing going on every day!

Park Play

 Peek a boo!  We're at the Imagination Station at Mulligan's Hollow in Grand Haven.
 Lots of fun to peek through these holes!

 As if it wasn't already hard enough to keep Lucy out of the gravel...Caroline adds to the fun by piling some on her sister's dress.  Nice.
 Caroline loved the tire swing.
 And I attempted to show Lucy that there was something she could sit on other than gravel.

 We found the Pere Marquette train down at the Chinook Pier.

 And we found another playground.  And Lucy and her dress found the mulch.

 Caroline climbs the tower to peek out.
And Lucy just chills and goes with the flow.  I think that morning nap did her some good!