Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a new baby photo shoot!

For those of you who've been begging for more pics, here they are! Lucy is sporting her onesie with the 'zero months' sticker. Mommy got smart and bought the set of 0-12 stickers so when I look at the pictures I'll know how old I was.
Pretty in pink and freshly bathed - her hair doesn't look quite as dark here.
Talk to the hand...stop with the pics, mommy!
Too sweet!
A closeup of those long fingers!
Just chillin'
And look at those long toes! I think she has Mommy's hands and feet.
A playful pose- eyes open!
Mommy wrapped me up in a blanket after my bath...and surprise- took my picture!
What a cutie!
I guess I'm boring her!
I just love this one-she's just sittin' up ready to go!
Time for a nap- Mommy's photo shoot wore me out! Shhh...don't tell her that this will be the first of many. It's our little secret!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Lucy!

I know this post is long overdue, but with no access to a computer, it makes it difficult to keep up! We couldn't be happier! Here's our Lucy Ellyn Smith - 8lb 7oz, 19 3/4 in., arrived at 8:49 a.m. March 25th. She looks just like Daddy & is loved by all. More to come later once I've rested. And I have a post coming soon all about the "name game". Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Well the Ohio weather gave us a bit of a warm spell this week, so we headed outside for some sidewalk chalk fun to get rid of those sick germs!
Caroline was more impressed with the chalk 'eggs' rolling down the driveway than her mommy's artwork.
But it was fun to be out in the fresh air all the same!
Happy Spring, everyone! (and yes, there's a dusting of snow on the ground as I write this! )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Flu strikes

Ugh.. It's definitely not fun around here. On Thursday night Caroline officially inducted her Daddy into parenthood when she threw up all over him. Poor thing continued to battle the stomach bug all night. She was finally on the mend Saturday and keeping some food down, when low and behold...Mommy gets it! Getting the flu is never fun, but gettting the flu while 38 weeks pregnant just sucks.

I made it through with help from family, but called Rick home from work early Saturday night. I was a mess, contracting, weak, couldn't keep any fluids in me, and I needed popsicles! What I didn't expect was that Rick arrived home..also sick! Yikes!

It's been a rough couple of days, but on the bright side, my popsicles have jokes on them- bonus!
At least the contractions have subsided. I certainly wasn't ready to bring baby into the world with everyone ill! Who knows? Maybe our next post will be newsworthy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just another day at the office...

Caught ya! Loving ink pens, paper, reading...perhaps another teacher in the making? Check out those oh-so-serious baby blues!

Oh my, hugeness!

My apologies if you need to scratch your eyes out after viewing these..just had to capture this jumbo-ness. As of Monday baby weighs 7 lb 13oz, is 'large for gestational age', and is swimming around in lots of amniotic fluid...hence, the belly. Oh, dear have my permission to come ANY DAY NOW! Mommy is done with pregnancy! I think I'll like your chubby little cheeks much better on the outside world, don't you? Nine.more. days!

Let's Read

I know I've done reading posts before...but really? How cute is this?
Just grab a book, prop yourself on a pillow, and read! Oops...looks like I disturbed her...sorry!

Friday, March 11, 2011

How refreshing!

Nothing like an ice cold milk on a Friday night...
...tucked in a coozie to help keep it cold. What a life!

Let's shop!

Keys? check. Purse? check. Let's go!

How to make snow...

Step one: Find the remaining TP from the roll in the bathroom. Wrap it around yourself and walk into the next room. Be sure to giggle and avoid getting too close to adults who might take your fun away.
Step two: When done parading around the room with newly found toy, rip the TP into shreds. Note: the tinier the pieces, the better.
Step three: toss pieces of TP into the air. And there you have it- indoor snow. And you thought Spring was around the corner, didn't you?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby update

We're at 36 weeks and counting....

Looks like this baby is coming in March. We have a c/section scheduled for the 25th unless baby decides to make an earlier appearance. I'm now going to the OB twice weekly and have yet another ultrasound scheduled on the 14th. As of last week's ultrasound we are at 6lb 7oz. already. There's a lot of fluid around baby so that's why I'm getting all the extra love and attention. It's also why my mid section is absolutely HUGE these days. For those of you who love math games, I'm about 14.5 squares of TP around my middle. Yes, I really just checked and measured for myself. With Caroline, I was always around 13 - 13.5 squares around. Now I know you're dying to go count it out and try it on for size, aren't you? And for those of you wondering if it makes a difference, I believe it's Angel Soft brand...

Go ahead, you know you want to see how big we are..... Please, just tell me I'll be able to paint my toes again soon!

Bucket Head

Thanks to Uncle Matt, Caroline is caught sporting a new hat...also known as tupperware.
And thus, when hitting up the favorite tupperware cupboard at home...a new game was born!
Caught taking it off to talk to Tilly outside...and what an ornery grin!
Yep. I like this hat, alright! And I like what's inside even better.

Let's snack!

Just a relaxing afternoon, sitting in Mommy's chair, and fixing myself a snack!
Sometimes I like to dance with my snack in my hands. Caught her here mid-wiggle!
Oh yeah..I'm snackin' and I'm dancin'. Life is good...

Go Bucks!

Someone was all ready for game day yesterday! Notice the remote is in hand!
Just sittin for a spell, waiting for the big game!
And enjoying some pre-game snacks! GO BUCKS!