Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morning Snuggles!

 Look who's all cozy in the chair before we head out for the day!
 And notice the faces Lucy is now making for the camera!
 What silly girls - but oh so cute, all curled up next to each other!

It's all fun and games until someone gets squished!
 And this is how Caroline and I found Lucy another day recently - laying on her tummy.
It's like she sat up in bed and then gave up and just leaned forward and went to bed again.  What a silly girl! 

Pump it up!

 The girls got their first taste of an indoor bounce playground this month!  One of Caroline's classmates hosted a birthday party at Pump It Up.
 Even Lucy enjoyed the fun! 
 It was lots of fun bouncing - they had a blast!
I will have to remember this place when the girls need to get out this winter and wiggle! 

A visit with Santa!

Marysville hosted a Christmas Walk downtown and we stopped to see the tree lighting with friends. 
And we happened to stumble upon  Santa's house!  Caroline was so excited she couldn't remain still for the photo.
Lucy's not sure what to think.  But she did sit on his lap and ask him for...Fruit Snacks!  Let's hope he doesn't disappoint this year!
Friends hanging out in the cold on this fun evening!
We found a place to warm up and do some crafting!
The holiday preparations sure are fun!  Can't wait to go see zoo lights this year, and make cookies.  Love sharing these special memories with our girls!




Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

We went to see cousins Ellie and Will in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" the other night. 
Ellie was "Gladys Herdman", and she stole the show!
We had front row seats!
Shazam!  The angel of the Lord appeared!

Will hangs out as a shepherd!

Love this girl!  She was quite the character!  Lots of laughs and lots of fun!  We're proud!

More Fun with our Preschooler

This one falls in the category of "Yes, I dressed myself."  And boy, is she working it!
Here we are working on our "snowman project". 
And to make it even more fun, we did it on Mommy's snow day, as the snow was falling!
And this is what happens when Lucy tries to help.
As you can see, climbing on the table was her preferred method of  'assisting'.

And I snapped this pic of Caroline's work at school.  It's a picture of her family, with everyone identified.  (Lucy is 2, I am 4), and then the questions are:  Why are you thankful for your family?  (They cook our food.)  And If you could do anything for your family, what would you do?  (Buy them a house full of ice cream.)  Now that's my girl!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Reading time

It's been MUCH too long since we've seen this sight - Dad and one of my girls side by side, reading books. 
It's one of my favorite sights - and we sure have missed this.  He hasn't been up to driving, nor up to getting out much, so it was a treat when he agreed to pop over for a quick bite this weekend.  Rick worked late, and I had leftovers to share, so Grandpa joined us for dinner.  Caroline was so excited she jumped up and down!  Hopefully we can have many more days like this soon!  We sure have missed having him around!

Turkey Day!

 Even though it was a day for Turkey - we helped out at Dad's by putting together the Christmas tree.  Little Lucy had a ball helping with the festivities!
 Cousins were everywhere - giggling, playing, and having a great time.
 It was nice to be together as a family - it's been a long time since Dad hasn't been in the best health.
 But, the meal did happen, and boy was it yummy!

 Hannah and Caroline showing off that they can roll their tongues!
 Ellie snuggles up to Grandpa.
 Leah sporting her new do, looks like she's enjoying the day too.
 Lucy and Aunt Wendy try to rest - that didn't last too long!
 There were games to play, and games to watch!

And our girls continue to love their cousin Hannah, while Evan takes on braiding her hair.  It was a great day indeed.  We have much to be thankful for!