Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mmm-mmm, spaghetti!

That was yummy!

Who wants to clean this face?? Anyone??
When we're done we love to sweep the tray clean with our hands. It's especially fun when the food flies all over the floor and my hands get extra dirty! Mommy is thinking I might need at least two baths tonight. You think?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Story Time!

Just hanging out at home with my books....
As you can tell, we love stories, and we love the a blog post was born!
We like to point at many pictures in books...and sometimes we remember not to use our middle finger.
The feet are also very helpful when trying to read...upside down.
Should I be concerned that she's studying these two pages so intently? Perhaps she's learning to spell her favorite word?
Hey, mom! Books rock!

Bathtime Goofy Girl

Playing peek-a-boo is always fun, and I have to cover up this goofy hair mommy gave me!
I love toys and I love my tubbie time!
Nothing better than a clean happy baby!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balloon Festival Fun

Mommy & Caroline enjoyed spending time with cousins and friends at the 35th All Ohio Balloon Festival.
The strawberry balloon was the last to go up, but a favorite among the little viewers.
The balloon glow is always fun. The balloons come back at dusk to glow with the beat of the music. Very cool!

Caroline was fascinated with all the balloons- pointing at them and enjoying her cousins.
Even Aunt Wendy helped point them out to our girl. 35 balloons went up this year.
I tried to capture the few balloons that went directly overhead. A beautiful evening and tons of fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lions, Tigers, & Bears - oh my!

Here we are enjoying one of our last days of summer at the Columbus Zoo.
Shh...don't tell anyone, but I believe there is an elephant behind your shoulder!
Here's the brown bear...who bears a striking resemblance to our "bear", Tilly.
The polar bears were settling in for a nap, but still fun to see.The bald eagle.
Resting on a polar bear.
Someone fits right in the bear family!
Enjoying the petting zoo!
And someone is tuckered out after a long day!

Playin' at Sunset

We went back to Grand Haven to view the sunset. We started with a swing in the sand!
Oh, look that a sunset?
Our girls's so smart...she has found the sunset and is focused on it!
It's just a little breezy out here!
Playin' with Mommy!
Look, Daddy...I see the moon again!
Farewell beautiful Lake Michigan!

And someone has had enough! Time for bed! Goodnight!

Lake Michigan Vacation

The vacation plan was to pull out right to leave as Caroline needed her morning nap. As you can see, someone gave up before we were ready and loaded! Our first stop- city beach in Grandhaven, MI. It's a favorite of ours and perfect to see the lake. It was warm and wonderful.
Even Caroline didn't mind dipping in the warm water!
Caroline was a hit! She made friends out of strangers everywhere we went!
Caroline is showing Daddy where the moon is. Can you see it?
We enjoyed yummy meal's at Hobo's Tavern & Old Boy's Brewery. Caroline enjoyed her first taste of steak, mashed potatoes, chicken quesadilla, and lemons! What fun! She also waved bye-bye to every person as we left Hobo's. That's our social girl!
We spent two great days at Duck Lake. It was perfect for us. The channel was warm and shallow enough for Caroline and we still had the waves and breeze off Lake Michigan. We had the best of both worlds!

Caroline gets her first taste of sand. Not so much a fan of it.

Mommy had to take a few pics of Caroline at the house. Wouldn't you?

Hooray for the beach!