Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Firecrackers

 Well what's a fourth of July without a parade?
 Complete with cousins riding their decorated bikes!

 Daddy had to work today, so we took Grandpa with us. 
 Lucy just enjoyed it all - especially that candy!
 Like my vintage look on this pic?  Playing around on Picasa today.
 There's my little cuties!
 And hamming it up for the camera.  No idea where they get that.

 And it wouldn't be a holiday without S'mores!

Red, white, & cute...and chocolatey!  What fun! 

Splashing around at the Bunny Hill

 Our day started by grabbing Hannah - she had nothing to do, so she joined us for the splash pad in Powell.  The water there was really cold and it was very crowded.  So, we ventured to the Bunny Hill instead.
 This one was much more our speed!

 Warming up to the water here!
 Lucy, as always, is fearless!

 Peek!  Who's hiding behind that water fall?
Perhaps backing in to it is easier?
It was part of Rick's time off and we had ourselves a stay-cation!  This was definitely worth doing again.  The girls loved it and it was a relaxing day of fun for all of us.


 My favorite musical, by far!  This time it was an extra special treat - we got to take Dad!  I knew the first time I saw it that he would love it.  He's been so weak and down lately, it was the perfect boost for him!  It was a great day out - and- as we were exiting and waiting for Rick to bring the car around, many of the stars were leaving.  Here's Kim Zimmer from TV's Guiding Light!  She was awesome in this show!  And she was a great sport to stop and pose for me. 
 Here's Dad with Glinda  - the star of the show.  Her voice was amazing. 
 John Davidson (the Wizard) stops to sign autographs.
 Our seats were in row 7 - what a treat!
Love this man!  So glad we got to spend the day with you! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Umm, Do you think she likes donuts?

I'm pretty sure she likes them.  Apparently the box was well within reach and when I turned around this is what I saw.  :)  A girl after my own heart!  Love this kid. 


Our neighbors received this cool kite as a gift last summer from their really awesome neighbors.  :)  It was a token gift for taking care of the dog while we were in Michigan!

Well they put it to the test on one fine evening!

And I had fun snapping some pics with my phone.  Nice, huh?  We should break out the kites more often around here.  Lots of fun!

Landscape Part 2

Time for a little update of the lovely electrical boxes!

Lots to improve upon, but it's a start!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Park of Roses

 So, I figured a concert in a park on a lovely June night was a good time to play with my camera settings.  I had fun getting some of these images with the blurred background.  Unfortunately, some of the movement pics were blurred also, but they were so cute I am including them here also.

Good thing I brought along pjs for the girls to wear following the concert!
 Here's the Brass Band director pointing at Tony after his solo.  Love hearing him play!
 Here's the blurry sequence - but I love these shots with Caroline and Hannah.  Their love for each other is obvious even in these photos.

What a fun night in Clintonville!  We topped it off with ice cream.  It was a lovely day all around!