Monday, July 1, 2013

Coming soon....

...I've been extremely lax in getting this blog updated.  I've had my share of technology glitches, and it doesn't help when I have to upload all the pics to the computer, then to Google, then to the get the idea why it might take awhile!  

Anyhoo...I promise...I'm uploading a flurry of pictures  It's coming soon..

In the meantime here are a few more of Lucy's latest words:

Aunt Jill :  Eat Dill
Lucy:  Woosy
Leg:  Weg
Laurie:  Wohwee
Snuggle:  nuggle- most often we hear this one when we ask if she's ready to go to bed, and she lays her head on your chest and says, "No, I wanna nuggle."
Papa Smith:  Papa Smiff
Hot Dog:  Hoh Gog
The end:  BN
Flip Flops:  Fwip Fwops
Uh Oh Spaghettio's:  Uh Oh Betty-O's

And my favorite thing she does right now is she recites portions of the three little pigs for some reason!  Out of the blue she'll say Big Bad Wolf, then she'll say Huff, Puff, Bow House dow - and the last three words all run together like it's one big word...bowhousedow.  I know, I'm sounding like a cheesy mom again, huh?  Only because I wan't to be able to look back one day and remember all this cuteness!  Ok..I'm off to check on that upload of pics.   

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