Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preschool Graduation

We love you, Mrs. Parrott!
Here she and Caroline take turns sticking out their tongues.
Posing on the last morning of Preschool.  What a little lady you've grown into this summer.

Happy to be me!

And here we are among our buddies Dallas and Keigan.  Royce was absent for the graduation ceremony. 
Getting ready to share what we've learned. 
WE love to sing songs!
 Especially, A tooty - ta!
 Getting her certificate!
 So proud.
And here she is with principal, Mrs. Moceri.  What a fun morning for our girl.  Preschool was a great addition to our year.  She did great and thrived on her time with Mrs. Parrott.  We will miss her!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vacation Silliness

Had to take this picture because Lucy was upset that she couldn't see her sister!
Comfy, Lucy?  Putting her foot up on the island during Easter dinner at Lin's. 

Goof. Ball.
A potty stop - yep, she's on it!
Hanging out at the rest area.

What's a vacation without ice cream?
Hotel play!
 This is the hotel time out spot - right across from the elevators.  Both girls had a timeout on each side of the table one time.  Then every time we got off the elevator and passed this area, Lucy would point to it and say "timeooot."  I guess it made an impression!
 Kindle time!
Caroline enjoying her Shirley Temple drink!  She earned it after taking a faceplant in the hotel - she has a bruise forming on her forehead here.  But it looks like the drink made up for it!  She sure felt special!

Big girl bed!

 I can't believe it.  No. more. crib.  Sigh!
 We found this slightly used IKEA bed and it was too good to pass up.    The bed changes from toddler size to twin with the extra cushions.  Not a bad deal!
 Um, Caroline shows Lucy how it works.  ??  They were just a little giddy about the new purchase.
 Oh, so silly!
 And here's my sweet little? big girl waking up after her first night's sleep in her bed!  She did it!
I feel the same way when I wake up, Lucy!  Stretch!  She was a champ sleeping through the night.  Nap on the next day didn't go quite as smoothly - she must have gotten out of that bed 40 times!  After 90 minutes of this, I tried the baby gate and she just threw toys down the hallway.  Finally she gave up after I put up the pack-n-play in her room and stuck her in!
It took about a week of putting her in and out and now she's truly our big girl.  Just wait til she gets her room update this summer!  Fun times ahead for you, our sweet Lucy Bug!

Romper Room!

 We were so excited to be able to include a visit with the Manley's on our Georgia stop heading back home.
 We hadn't seen them since a year ago Thanksgiving.  My how the kids have grown!
 Jaxson and Knox were just what our girls needed to play with!  We were tired from sitting in a car all day, so the kids had a ball just playing.

 As you can tell, everyone had a good time!

 Lucy made herself right at home on Kirk! 

And pizza was on the menu!  It was a quick visit but a great one.  We must plan to get together with them more often.  Too much fun!