Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bigger Splash!

 We took the girls for their first real dip in the pool this season on Memorial Day. We are lucky to have great friends with a private pool!  This is probably Lucy's first real dip and she loved it!  She kept smiling at everyone and kicking her feet.  Here Debbie has fun splashing with Miss Lucy. 
 Daddy and Lucy test out the floating ring.
 Cousins Hannah & Leah joined the fun, along with other neighbors and friends. 
Caroline enjoyed getting spoiled by them all.
And even Aunt Wendy got to play with Lucy for a bit.  It was a warm sunny weekend - perfect for relaxing poolside with friends!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Time to explore more summer fun out in the yard!
Lucy is wondering what the wet stuff is that's falling from the sky!
A bit tentative at first, but then she went for it!
Lucy is fearless - checking this stuff out up close!
What is this wet stuff in my hair?
That's a close inspection!
This made us crack up.  Caroline went to the patio, grabbed her chair and propped herself right in the line of fire.  Hilarious.
And here is the result.  Pure fun!
Getting into the groove
Daddy shows Caroline how it's the pure joy of the camera lady!
And she joins him for a walk-thru!
Come splash and run with us anytime!

First Summer Splash!

Can you say Speedo?
Not really, but it sure doesn't seem too generous in size for this little(?)girl!

As much as she loves her bath, I knew she'd love her first mini dip of the summer.
And it looks like I really need to splurge and get them a real baby pool, rather than a hand-me-down sandbox substitute. 
Especially when I see both of them in there together! 
But they didn't seem to mind - Lucy even thought swimming in the lid was pretty cool!

What fun! 

This is why they're called toddlers

A little snippet of video that includes some of Lucy's first steps. 
She is sure getting around a lot these days! 
And as I was trying to get more video of her walking, she got silly on me and just decided to play peek from between her legs.  Goofy, goofy, girls!

Christening Dad's Patio!

Here it is in official "party" mode!

And Lucy shows off her newest standing pose on the patio.
While Grandpa watches in awe.

Equally fun is playing peek-a-boo from underneath the table!
Or testing out the butterfly chair!
Great food, great family, great fun!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Professional Pics online!

Check out our online gallery!  Too cute and too fun!

Password is l&c12

Enjoy!  The best part - I get a CD complete with all the pics, so I'll be loading them here soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got rhythm!

We had some fun at Grandpa's house the other night watching Leah and Jack do their 'cup stacking'.  I guess they both learned the same routine, so they were showing off their skills... then Caroline got in on the game, too!  Fun times!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A tisket, a tasket...

Mad baby in a basket?
This reminds me of a picture of me on my 1st birthday - sitting in a box and crying.  And I remember complaining to mom that she went to grab the camera to snap my picture instead of comforting me. Yep.  Sure did.  I am my mother after all! 
 Well I guess if you're not going to pick me up, I'll get happy again....
...and soothe myself with a good read.  There just happen to be a few in this basket with me!


Someone likes to put her head down.  Here she is at breakfast today. As soon as you say "Aww", she will plop her head to the side and lay it down.  It is too cute!
And a stretchy arm to show how we can really get into the groove.  She is such a lover! 

Hair do?

 This whole girly hair thing is a bit of a foreign concept for this mama who has had short hair her whole life.
 So we're testing out some new stretchy headbands.
Add a hair clip, and voila!  I think we've found a winner. Now how long before it falls out, or Lucy pulls on her sister's hair?  Time will tell.

Hot Wheels

I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but I think Rick should avoid taking my van for oil changes at car dealerships from now on.
 Apparently he decided it was time for a little upgrade for himself.
I can't blame him- he inherited my hand-me-down when I got the van two years ago.  So, this should make him pretty happy!  Brand new, loaded with some fun extras, and now we can ride in style when we go on a date...and all for the same monthly payment!  Now why didn't I take these pics while it was OUT of the garage??? 
And equally important in our car upgrade news...was that Lucy's seat is now front facing!  Don't call the car seat police on us-we know it's now recommended they stay rear facing til age 2, but really, people??  Have you met Lucy?  She's been whining about not being able to see the DVD screen and has been throwing fits.  And, she weighs nearly as much as her big sis, and is definitely just as strong, we are!   She kicked with glee for the first ten minutes of our commute the next morning - I think she likes it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Balloon Friends

 Do you know what's better than eating out at a restaurant?
 Eating out at a restaurant that has a balloon artist on kid's night!
We love our Benny's Pizza...and now we love our Benny's Pizza on Wednesdays!  Caroline and Lucy both were thrilled with their pink elephant and ladybug creations.  How cool is this?  Can you guess who belongs to who?  And almost a week later, they are still intact (with the exception of the elephant tail that Lucy's teeth took out.)  Not a bad deal.  My apologies for the lack of creativity with the blog posts!  I'll do better, I promise.

Lucy's Shiner

 It started as a nasty purple bump under her eye - a casualty that happened at the sitter's.  She probably fell onto her cup, or hit a wall corner -who knows!
 But as much as this determined little girl goes, there's no stopping her.  We know this is the first of many.
And here she is the next morning - purple all under her eye. It gets a little worse each day.  I'm just glad we had pictures taken LAST weekend, and not this one!  She's done very well despite her shiner.  It just doesn't make for very cute pictures!