Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coed fun

 Neighbor boy Everett says hello to Lucy from outside, and clearly Caroline is checking this situation out.
I'm pretty sure she's checking to see if there is going to be a kiss....guessing this won't be the first time she'll spy on her sister with a boyfriend!
 And despite their 'shadow', he goes in for the kiss-nose to screen to nose!
 This catches the attention of his big bro, Ivan.
 And as Lucy gives out high-fives all around, Ivan moves on to better things.
 And in case you can't tell by that head tilt, this is Caroline saying "You wanna do chalk, Everett? Do you?"  (Head remains tilted and bobs up and down throughout the entire question).  Young love...  I can already see them cringing at this blog post in about 8 years.  Ivan already asked if Caroline could stay the night at his house.  I told him not without a ring on her finger....and I meant every word! 

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