Saturday, August 27, 2011

Balloon Rally

Let's gather at the airport for the Balloon Rally and Air Show!Now there's a face of someone in awe of the balloons! Nice picture, Lin!

Sky divers drop in to say hello!

Caroline just had fun walking in circles and talking to herself! What a goof!

Lucy is ready to go and enjoy the fun!

With all of the local traffic on their way to the same place, we had a view of some of the hot air balloons from our sunroof. We weren't stuck in traffic too long, and Caroline enjoyed to view anyway.

Our view from the parking lot!

Two skydivers!

Darth Vader baloon was a hit. Caroline called it a 'monster'.

Lucy's ready to call it a night.

But some of us are ready to party on!

My favorite part- the Balloon Glow! Balloons return and glow to the beat of the music. Very cool.

We met up with friend Tara- lots of fun dancing to the music! Another great night filled with fun. Perhaps next year we can arrive before the balloons launch and get a front row view.

Shh...Don't tell Goldilocks!

But when she's asleep, someone else has been sitting in her chair!

The high chair has a reclining feature, and poor Lucy has just outgrown that Bumbo chair.

So we sometimes sneak into the big chair and eat our breakfast there!

You can keeep our little secret, can't you?


It seems like yesterday...has it really been five months?

I love how she's focusing on her big sister here. Too bad her Mommy had a brain lapse and had a 6 month sticker on her belly! Oops..time to redo!

How about a 'high five' for 5 months?

Giving Mom that tongue...already she knows how to be goofy for the camera!

Hello, bright eyes!

There's our pretty girl! Looking a bit tired here, but still so precious!

What a healthy, happy girl you are! You are a great eater and a great sleeper! You get around 11 hours at night, and take 3 naps during the day!

The thighs in this photo prove just how healthy you are!

Love this drooly face! What a sweet smile!

You still spit up a lot - Mommy decided you are "Lucy-bug, the Juicy-bug!" But you LOVE your pears baby food. It seems to be your favorite, just like big sister.

You explore your world daily- always reaching and grabbing your toys and blankets. Yesterday you even held your bottle on your own when Daddy was feeding you. Silly girl, you need to make Daddy work harder than that!

Sorry for the slew of photos- Mommy took a photography class and was practicing her new technique!

A bit overexposed but still irresistable!

Is someone tired of this photo shoot already? I love the rolls on her elbow! You can see that her scar on the front is healing nicely..and already covered in hair.

Gee, Mom? Can't you see that I'm tired? Now I've rubbed my eyes and turned them red! Can we please be done?

But with cuteness like this, it's hard to put that camera down!

Don't you agree?

Bring on the ornery!



Date Night!

We had tickets to see Jersey Boys, and I can't remember the last time we got out where I didn't have a little one clinging to me! So we documented the rare event with a photo! We're lookin' good!

And here's our little one having fun while we're out. Carly, the sitter, helped fashion some pig tails for Caroline's hair. It's also a rare occurrence since this momma has short hair! I've got no clue on the girly hair stylin' thing!

Life is a bit crazier now that we're back to school...I'm sure the blog posts will slow a bit. But I'm doing my best. Sigh. Now I'm off to go grab more snuggles while I can!

Lucy's 5 month photos coming soon....I was so tired I put her "6 month" sticker on her for the first round of pics. Oops! Time to redo!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiny Frog

We seem to have nightly visits from these tiny little creatures...toad or frog, we're not sure. But whatever it be, to Caroline it's known as "tiny frog"...said in a tiny high pitched voice, with her thumb and pointer fingers making a pinch sign as if to squeeze that tiny frog in a tiny space.

When we found a little larger version of this at the Ward reunion, Caroline's fascination returned.

Eeks and shrills of laughter and joy!

Gotta get a closer look at that toad. He looks a lot like the stones on the ground!

Did you see it, too? Ah, it's the little things, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blooms, Butterflies, and Babies!

A visit to the Franklin Park Conservatory was in store for us this week!

Caroline had a great time spotting all of the butterflies. She was dressed for the ocassion!

Watching the blue butterflies was our favorite. They were very active because it was a sunny day.

Even Lucy got in on the action.

We loved seeing the blown glass art from Chilhuly.

A macaw lives in the tropical section!

And what could be cooler than glass fruits and veggies out in the grove?

It was fun family day for us!