Monday, April 22, 2013

Dresses with a history

How sweet is this?  Here's a shot of all the grandgirls in the same dresses.  Top right is Hannah and Leah, left is Ellie, and bottom right - Lucy and Caroline.  These dresses are too cute - and it's when I saw this collage Hannah made I insisted she send it to me so I could share it on the blog.  Love this!  What fun - and what a fun thing for these cousins to share together!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's Easter!  Look who stopped by!

 We were very excited to see that the Easter Bunny came!

 Sand toys, bubbles, and new eyewear!  What could be better?
 We decided to dress up for the occasion.  These dresses belonged
to Leah and Hannah about 14 years ago!

 I decided we needed to attemp a photo shoot while everyone was happy and dressed up.

 Sometimes they were cooperative.   Other times not so much.
 Lin took a few of us - this is the only one where everyone is looking at the camera at the same time!
 And sometimes they were just downright silly!

 Yep.  That's my girls!
This is my favorite snapshot of the day - think I may have to frame this one. 


 Apparently we take our egg-dyeing very seriously.

 That's a little more like it - celebrating our hard work! 
We spent Easter eve in Georgia with my cousin Lin, and the first stop after our arrival - was egg coloring!  What a fun thing to do after our day on the road.  Thanks, Lin!  These girls needed some spoiling by "Mimi".  It was a hit!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Snow Day of the season?

 I know we're well into April now, but...Ohio had its share of winter weather this year.
 And we sure had fun playing!

 This time our neighbors joined in the fun!
 Wes was having a great time playing in the snow with Caroline.

 We helped him construct his snowman by adding eyes - we had extra grapes laying around. 
 Annie decided to try to make her own snowman!  Oops!  It wasn't as soft as she was hoping!

 And when Daddy got home, he helped by showing the girls how to make snow "bombs".

 Even Papa had to get out of the house and come in for some chili!

What a fun day!  Stay tuned, because in Ohio, the weather changes quickly...

Science Experiment and another Birthday surprise

So I failed to mention that on the day of the birthday party there was a snowstorm predicted for our area.  We got about 8 inches out of the deal - but no snow day for me.  When we got home from school that day, Caroline wanted to know what happened to snow.  So we brought some inside to see if it would melt.  It took it a lot longer to melt than I thought - but it was fun to taste and play with for awhile.

And, Lucy was all smiles as our birthday girl - the sitter had given her a new baby doll for her birthday.  All the kids sang and helped her celebrate.  It was too cute.
 I think she likes it!
 As does someone else!  Thanks, Nikki, for our baby "Rosie".  It was a hit!