Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fort Building

We normally build our forts in the living room with the dining chairs, but...
The girls decided to transfer the fun to Lucy's bedroom using their little chairs.
Not exactly ideal..
But still loads of fun!

Such fun, silly times!

Hide and Seek?

 Silly dress-up fun!
 Apparently it's the perfect spot to hide, once you're dressed up!

 And Jingle gets in on the hide and seek fun, hiding in the warm dryer!
Relaxing in the laundry room!

Dad's and Grandpa's Day!

It was a Safari Day at Preschool!
 And Caroline was incredibly thrilled to have her Daddy and two Papas with her!
 Looks like she's stealing the show!
 Time for games and crafts!
 Papa Smith helps build a drum!
 What a fun day for everyone!

A Cat in the Hat!

 Someone is proud as punch that she's dressed for the day...
 Cutest little Cat in the Hat I know!

I'm pretty sure she'll the be the hit at preschool...if she's not already!  She looks a feels "Seuss-sational!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 Who knew that licking the beater would be so much fun?
 But it was indeed a hit!
And a "Mom, can we make brownies again?"  Yum!

Dress up silliness and more!

 Someone loves the camera...
 Someone not so much...

 But they both sure know how to have fun!

 Rock stars!

 Bonding time!
Love my girls!  And love the special snow day fun we've had this winter!

Snow Day!

 Wonder where she gets that attitude?

 Snow angel time!

Ohio had its share of white stuff this year....Bring on Spring.  So glad to see April arrive!