Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Donuts!

 Someone knows what she likes!
 One happy camper!
 Grandpa stopped at Der Dutchman this week and brought us extra yummy donuts!

 And donuts are no match for this kid.
Now that's one.happy.kid! Washcloth, anyone????

Lucy the ham...

 What a goof.
 Do you think someone knows she's being photographed?

 Well she sure is putting on quite the show!
 Such personality.
 No words...

 She's our 
 Look out world...I think we're in trouble!

How am I ever gonna resist those baby blues?

Happy Hearts Day!

 What a fun surprise after bath! 
 Valentine's gifts for all!

 I'm pretty sure it's a hit!
Yep! Happy belated love day to you and yours!

Let's make valentine's!

 Lucy has her own ideas of valentine crafting...let's just say she really likes the crayon a hat!
 Caroline on the other hand, was very much into crafting mail for her buddies at the sitter's and at school. 
 And we had to makesome heart cookies for everyone, too!

We're not sure what's better...the eating or the decorating.  Either way, it was a hit!

Electronics R Us

This was the scene at Dad's house recently.  Yikes!  It looks as if electronics are all we have to play with.  I think it's time to put the phones away and get out the cards!  We really don't do too much of this when we're together...but at least everyone is happy for now! 

Monday, February 11, 2013


 What do you think of my new duds?

 Here she discovers the flowers on the coat!
And now she found the hat.  It didn't last long, but she still looked pretty cute in her new attire.

Donut face!

No explanation necessary.  I think she likes them. 

Dinner with dear friends

 We had a great time with our friends the Jones' and the Busters' recently!
 Hostess Judy looking fabulous as ever!
 Paul kept Lucy quite entertained!
 While Claire keeps Caroline entertained!

It was a great evening filled with laughter, good times, family, and dear friends.  We are blessed.