Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just when you think you're ready, life throws you a cannonball! Lucy's doc has an emergency to perform tomorrow, so we've been moved to WEDNESDAY JULY 6TH at 8:30 a.m.! Now we're off to try to replan the day and get our ducks in a row! Thanks for your continued prayers, love, and support!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just like Daddy...

Someone snagged Daddy's ball cap today.

And was quick to pose for a photo!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope yours was as laid back as ours.


Three months already & getting stronger by the day!

Too sweet!

All smiles- see that dimple?

Still a good mix of the Smith & Ward genes, but definitely channeling her Aunt Jill more and more.

Watching big sis intently.

Oh those big eyes!

And those strong chubby legs!

We call her Lucy Bug, Love Bug, Lady Bug, Bugaboo, BooBoo bear,or just Bug or Boo.

She has become quite animated in the past two weeks & is definitely full of life!

Couldn't be sweeter!

We have a big week ahead with our li'l LoveBug, but we know the outcome is worth it. She continues to sleep through the night & is a sweetheart. Caroline loves on her daily & Mommy enjoys every little snuggle. These three months have flown by. We love you, Lucy Bug!

Never a dull moment...

So, it's time for the three month photo shoot....and I thought stickers might keep big sister busy. So far, so good....

Um,...not exactly what I had in mind.

Lucy handles her new 'style' with grace.

Well, at least I can still take head shots!

Looks like Caroline wants to try out the pillow herself.

Admiring her sister's sticker.

And admiring her sister!

Sweet kisses!

I'll just lay down so Mommy will take my picture also.

Then I'll go empty the diapers from the nursery and bring them to Mommy.

Hey Look! I found a round photo that looks like Lucy's sticker...so naturally I'll place it on her tummy where the sticker goes!

While digging in Mommy's office, I found some interesting reading..so I'll read it to Lucy now.

But the very best part of all this nonsense and craziness behind the scenes...is that Lucy belted out her first real chuckles...at her big sister Caroline. Too cute!

A visit with the Buster's!

We had a delightful visit with good friends, the Buster's this week!

Caroline was dressed for the occasion and ready for fun.

Mary Lynn had a present for Miss Caroline.

Opening is half of the fun!

Matching outfits for both girls-what fun!

Lucy telling Mary Lynn how much she likes her present also!

Good times with my great friend!

They even brought some wooden puzzles for Caroline (and Paul) to play with. As you can tell, they were quite a hit (with both!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Big Girl Room!

This is what the spare room looked like a week ago!

Definitely a daunting task to take on stripes - so much so that I only tried two walls.

More progress...

Getting there!

The finished product! A room fit for a big girl!

I love it so much, I just want to go in there and stare at it!

Now the fun begins.....getting Caroline to move out of that crib in to her queen sized bed!

The pictures don't really do it justice. Come see it for yourself!


This little cutie just wanted everyone to know that she turns THREE months tomorrow! Yay!

Bald is Beautiful????

I have good news and bad news.
Good News: Tilly went to the groomer this week!
Bad News: Apparently the groomer and I have different definitions of a 'puppy cut'.
Eat your heart out Marmaduke...we're bringing sexy back. UGH.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


With an adorable gift like this, you have to try another photo shoot, don't you think?

So far, we appear to be handling this one much better.

This time Caroline wanted to hold her sister- I guess she likes her after all!

Sweet kisses! (Now I think Lucy favors her Mommy in this shot!)

Admiring her sister's hair bow!

A pretty sober shot, but still pretty darn cute of both girls!

Too sweet! I love this one! This one makes me want a photo shoot with my sisters! (just maybe but without the initials on our chests!)