Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Smith Update

Here's a 3D image from last Monday of Baby Smith. We are already4 lbs. and right on track for being fully cooked by April 2nd. Now if Mommy can make it til then, we're in good shape. It gets a little tougher each day, but we're hanging in there. 9 weeks to go!

Family resemblance?

Caroline, 2011
Laurie, circa 1971...caught stealing cinnamon rolls from Grandma Ankerstjerne's kitchen!
You be the judge!

Just when you think she's as goofy as they come...

What's up?
There's our silly girl!
You can't get much cheesier than this!
Or maybe you can?
Time out for reading!
What a goofy girl we have! Today she found a Hawaiian lei and wore it around for awhile, and while she was SUPPOSED to be napping she decided to drag 9 items from the laundry hamper into her crib. She woke up surrounded by dirty clothes! But with someone this cute, it never gets old!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new blanket!

Look what arrived in the mail today from Iowa! I think it's a hit.
Aunt Kristy made Caroline her own quilt, and as soon as I put it down for Caroline to inspect, she was all over it.
She has pointed to the "baby" many times, and loves the little bird too. What a fun treat to find waiting for us after a long and snowy commute home. Thanks, Aunt Kristy - You're the best! (and yes, I cried when I saw it!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

The many faces of Caroline

I don't know where she gets all of these expressions, but the camera and I had fun capturing them today. Which is your favorite? I'm a fan of picture #3 personally. What a goof!

Walk this way!

Caught ya! Caroline is almost there! She still prefers her knees, but will take strides across the room on her own. Almost!!!!

Future Warrior?

Daddy would be so proud... Caroline snatched Daddy's Westerville North ball cap, and Mommy snatched the camera! Sorry, Daddy. I think she's a future Monarch!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just because...

she looks so cute... I added one more!

Fun with Daddy!

Who's that behind me?
Hey, I'm upside down!
Oh, peek! He's still there, isn't he?
The chase is on!
Captured and happy!

Happy New Year!

The Smith family got together on New Year's to ring in Christmas! Here Caroline shows off her talent and love for the wrappings.
All giggly for cousin Brady!
Daddy helps distribute the gifts.
A girl can get used to this present stuff!
Haley didn't want to be caught on camera. Too bad!
I'll just take a break right here on top of Brady's Lego box.
What a fun time we had with family this season. Caroline just soaks it all in and loves being around them. We are blessed!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

They grow so fast...

Caroline has managed to tackle Remote Control 101 faster than even her father. Today she managed to flip the buttons so fast that it took us quite a while to figure out how to get the TV working again. And tonight when exploring the DVR we discovered what she 'recorded' for us when she was pressing buttons earlier this week....a Bowl Game on ESPN (much to her Daddy's delight!) and a movie on Lifetime. seems like yesterday she was asleep in my arms. I'm guessing we'll be ready for graduation by next week.

Her newest vocabulary words: mama, peas, please, no, bonk, what's that?, backpack, hot dog, peek-a-boo, hi, bye bye, ta-da(my personal favorite!), moo, baa, bubble, and nice. She's had daddy, dog, beep, ball, and baby down for quite a while. And there was one night she gave us an "Ohhh Yeah!"

More pics to come soon...still playing with that new camera!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Hoopla

Caroline had a wonderful holiday. Christmas morning the Nuspl family came for brunch and helped Caroline open her presents. Here she is enjoying her new kitchen set from Santa.
Ellie came to show off her new American Girl doll and their matching outfits!
Here's the loot before all the madness begins!
Will displays one of the stick-on moustaches ---this gag gift was a fun white elephant gift in our annual $5 white elephant exchange.
I love this picture of my tree. I captured the 'glow' with my new camera.
Cutest little elf around!
Hannah had a good time entertaining the elf!
Jack as a Christmas tree, Ellie as a present, and Will as a candy cane! We played a few charades after brunch!
More elves? With goofy headgear!
As the cousins play 'Hot Potato Rudolph', Caroline sits in the middle and claps. It was a busy holiday season, but Caroline had a great time with family and cousins. It was a long day, but she was a trooper through it all.