Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy and Caroline - see for yourself!

I have no words - other than to say..yep, that's us.  We were goofing off one night while Daddy was away and Lucy was sleeping.  I think it was after the sock hop judging by my attire.  Anyhoo..perhaps we were a bit inspired by the photo booth, or the 'view yourself' function on the cell phone camera.  Either way...here we are..doing our best to be scared, silly, goofy, sleepy, dopey, ...perhaps we're the seven dwarves?  Eh?  Like I said..I have on explanation...it's just us, being us!

Laundry Day

Look who I caught helping me with the laundry today!
She's so um, helpful, when it comes to doing laundry.
Not exactly the folding and stacking I was hoping to get accomplished.
But boy is she happy she fits in there! 
Goofball.  I wonder if she'll be this excited about laundry when she's 15?  We can hope!

Random Phone Pics

Look who I saw relaxing on the steps after nap!
Not to be outdone by big sis, ....Lucy follows along!
Caroline decides it's story time..and sits down to read to Lucy.
Cousin Leah smiling for us at a recent basketball game.
Caroline and cousin Jack in front of the courthouse tree at the tree lighting.
And here's the tree in it's entirety - not a bad job! 
There will likely be more random photos - been trying to access them for awhile and finally got this figured out.  I have just a few to weed through!  Enjoy!

Hair today, Gone tomorrow!

I finally figured out how to access my photos from my phone, so here are a few oldies that I've had in there.
In December, Lucy got her first curls cut!  That crazy hair definitely needed some attention, but when I saw that hair getting cut, and those curls falling, I got a bit emotional - just one more step to growing up for my little baby!
Sigh.  She's not a baby anymore, is she?
She did great - handled herself like a real trooper!

Holding some of her own hair - yep, it's getting cut, Lu!

Big sister is an old pro at this - she knows there's a lollipop reward at the end!
Well the end result lasted about two weeks, and now we're officially back in 'mop' stage again.  Those little curls just go where they want to go.  But it's still pretty cute!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hanging out with MaryAnne!

Here is our favorite baby sitter - our MaryAnne who has watched the girls since Caroline was 5 months old. She is wearing her shirt made by this crew.  Left to right are Gunnar, Connor, Luke, MaryAnne, Caroline, and Lucy. They've all been buddies for the past two years.  Caroline is a year older than the two on the left, and Luke and Lucy are just six weeks apart.  We sure have fun with "the boys" and there are lots of stories to tell on a daily basis.  I know she loves my girls as much as they love her.  What a great feeling it is to know your babies are loved.  Thank you, MaryAnne!  We love you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

 We played the holiday very low key this year since Rick had to work the next day - and our friends the Gilbert's had no plans - so they joined us for some relaxing fun!
 And my girls LOVE Emma, so it was a good time for all!

And who doesn't love Tara?? 

Happy New Year, girls!   (okay, happy 10pm on 12/31) They'll never know the difference! 

Silly boys goofing off while we play games.
Pass the Pinot!  Good times, good friends - it's going to be a good year!

More Snow Fun!

 Of course once Daddy joined the fun, his first task was throwing a snowball at the photographer - Hmpf!
 Tasting again...
 Totally a goofball.
 yep- that's my girl!
 Rollin, rollin, rollin...
 and tossing??
 I'll just rest here while Daddy works.

 Voila!  The finished product.  (Next to the much shorter, now eyeless version Mommy created earlier.)
 One, happy, girl!

So I played around a little on Picassa - did some airbrushing and black and white.  Fun stuff!  What a great time we had in the snow!