Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Fun!

 Since we didn't have much of a winter last year, Lucy didn't really know what this white stuff was.
 Caroline was quick to offer her a taste!

 And she had a complete ball after that.  She giggled the entire time.

 Can you find her hiding under there?  Love that grin!
 Caroline jumped down right away to create a snow angel.  How does she even know about that?

More tasting..

 And laughing...
 And falling...
And running! 
What great fun.  I loved being home and playing with my girls.  As you can see, the snow was a huge hit.  More pics to come - we even attempted our first snowman.  Lucy only cried twice - once when she fell and got stuck...and then when I told her it was time to come inside.  Overall, it was such a huge hit we had to go back out with Daddy the next day.  Stay tuned!

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