Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas with the Ward's

 Jack modeling his new shirt.  His New Year's resolution this past year?  To be more awesome-er. 

 Smiles all around  - it's Christmas Day!

 Which means good food - and presents!

 Champ takes a rest away from the crowd!

 Wow.  Someone must have been really good this year!

 How adorable are these santa hat cake pops that Wendy made?  OMG - and they tasted even better!

A super sweet present for our girls - gifted from Hannah and Leah.  They revamped a cradle and Hannah made all the bedding.  Too, too cute - and oh so sweet.  They love it.  And I love how it's been passed down in the family.  What a treasure!

 It's time for our annual white elephant exchange!
 Wendy admiring her new Lady Gaga paper doll book!
 Ellie models her spy -glasses!
 Time for desserts!
 And a little fort-building in the basement!
And this pretty much sums up how we feel about the day!  Pretty awesome, indeed!

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