Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hair today, Gone tomorrow!

I finally figured out how to access my photos from my phone, so here are a few oldies that I've had in there.
In December, Lucy got her first curls cut!  That crazy hair definitely needed some attention, but when I saw that hair getting cut, and those curls falling, I got a bit emotional - just one more step to growing up for my little baby!
Sigh.  She's not a baby anymore, is she?
She did great - handled herself like a real trooper!

Holding some of her own hair - yep, it's getting cut, Lu!

Big sister is an old pro at this - she knows there's a lollipop reward at the end!
Well the end result lasted about two weeks, and now we're officially back in 'mop' stage again.  Those little curls just go where they want to go.  But it's still pretty cute!

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