Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christmas with Papa Smith!

 Looks like some girls have missed their Papa!

 Or maybe they're excited about more presents??
 I think he's excited too!

 Wow!  Big wheel bikes for big girls!

 Time to assemble!
 What secrets is Papa telling you, Lucy?

 That's one happy girl!
 Thanks, Papa!  The presents were a hit!

There's no greater mess...

 Than the 'post-Christmas' mess!
 Playing with new toys, giggling,..
 It's the best day a kid could have!
 Oh yeah...and then there's THIS mess...
 The 'post-flood' mess!

 Ugh.  Sigh.  Hello messy basement that smells musty....  I miss you! 
Please come back to us soon!!!!

Light Brite!

 To add to the rainbow decor gracing the carpet...we now have light brite pegs!
 And Daddy insisted he get to play, too!


 Very proud of their creation!

 Lucy gets in on the action, too!

Good thing it has 4 sides - everyone can play!  Thanks, Aunt Wendy!


 Cat in the box?
 Apparently the girls aren't the only ones who liked that 24 pack of Play Dough!
 A box with holes = a gym for kittens!

 Too cute!

Hours of unending fun.  I wonder if the makers of Play Dough know of this great toy?  Perhaps we're on to something!

Food is no match!

 For this kid!

 She becomes "one" with it all... admiring the art work on her hands???

 Totally zoned out....making a mess!

 Yep.   This kid is the reason moms made bibs!
 Um,... and forks!
Yum.  If you happen to see us dining out, please don't judge.  There's no one quite like our Lucy!