Saturday, April 28, 2012

Misery loves company...

 At least it would appear that way...

as Caroline sits and cries in her time-out, Lucy and Tilly gather around her.  Waaaaahhhhh! Two year olds are rather fun, huh?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And talking??

Lucy had a little conversation with me tonight. I'm pretty sure most of her words were "this", "what", and "that" but it's definitely pretty cute.  I think she may be as big of a chatterbox as her sister!  Have no idea where she gets that....


I think it counts!  It may not be walking officially, but as long as she has her push toy and some motivation, she's on the go.  It won't be long now!  Sigh.

Yard Saling

 Look what $5.50 will get you these days...
 Apparently the big sister was a little more excited by the stickers than she was the new clothing purchases.
And this one was,well....a pretty good sport.  And the best bargain in town!


 Here's a little cutie getting a feel for the kitchen...she's pretty much everywhere in it these days!
 Look...she found a toddler chair to push around.
 And take a rest on?
Time for a little close-up television viewing.  She is definitley on. the.go!  Catch her if you can!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monkeys, Rhinos, Elephants & more!

Can you guess where the Smith family went this week? Warm temperatures returned at the end of my break, so we headed to the zoo for a fun family day together. The girls had a great time and we all wore ourselves out. Even Lucy relaxed in the back seat of the 'limo' and pointed at the animals she saw.

And Caroline preferred to ride the carousel in Daddy's arms once it started moving.

It was great fun - in fact, we're already planning another visit soon! Come join us!

Potty Training?

Sigh. Someone else has had a little too much fun in the potty these days. I'm thinking maybe I'll spend summer training them both at the same time, because this one is always underfoot wherever we are anyway!... And she's got this TP thing down already!

A visit with Abbigail

Spring Break also allowed us some time to meet with Mommy's friend Jenny & her newest family member, Abbigail. What a cutie, and Caroline even got to hold her for a bit.
It was a treat for all of us to see this one month old and give her some love and attention. Friend Mary Lynn came along for the fun, too! What's better than new babies and Springtime?


In case you hadn't heard, Mommy was on Spring Break last week. And it made for lots of great play time. And what's better than a play-dough session while Lucy naps? Not much! This smile just proves it!

Standing....and Stepping!

Someone is getting oh-so-adventurous now that she's reached the toddler stage! She's standing and pulling up on pretty much everything these days. And, if she's positioned just right behind the "Dora car", she'll even take a few steps with it. It won't be long now, especially with her determination!

Great news today....we've graduated from the helmet!! Yahoo! Look for a graduation post the meantime, we're enjoying every nuzzle with that free head. Yay!

Lucy's First Year

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun with Family

Lucy takes on standing up on her own, and Caroline takes on her first egg hunt. Good times.

It was a first for us to hunt eggs at Grandpa's new digs...and lots of fun to explore.

I could have done without twisting my knee as I found the loose paver on his walkway, and my behind found the grass, but all in all it was a successful day.

Posing near the pretty landscaping.

And it was so nice, I took a few more close up shots of it, too!

Lucy figured out how to shut the door to the sunroom, and then got mad that she was on the other side!
It was a great day for all - except maybe Hannah who was recovering from the flu. Happy Easter, everyone!