Sunday, November 24, 2013

Singsations Show!

 The Union County Singsations held another fantastic holiday show!  And this year our Caroline decided to get it on the fun!
 Emcees Dale Corbin and Miriam Carson enjoying some laughs!
 Aunt Wendy did all of the choreography for the event!  Good job, sis!
 Look who made it home in time to see the performances!  And Ellie danced on stage, too!
 Here's our little star...Dancing to "Button Up Your Overcoat"
 Jack and Ellie danced in a calypso song!
 Sleigh Ride!
 Let it Snow!
Here's a close up of Caroline and her dance partner, Sophia.  She stole the show!
And Rick and I danced with the couples for "Baby, It's Cold Outside!"
 I have some pretty awesome friends...they even brought me flowers!  What a nice gesture.  Even Caroline got flowers!  They were a HUGE hit.  She was showing everyone her flowers that night!  
 Cousin Hannah came to see the big performance.
And all Caroline could talk about was her buddy Collin, from the babysitter's.  He danced too, and at every rehearsal all she wanted to so was watch him...uh oh!  
And look who else wanted to come to the show.   Lucy wanted to get up on stage and dance, too.  She knew all the moves too.  Perhaps next time, Lucy!  
Even Caroline's teacher, Miss Frisch came to the show to see her dance.  It was quite a treat! She had many fans from mommy's work and daddy's work, and both her Papa's too!  We are blessed.  And, after a week full of rehearsals and shows, we're pooped.  Time for some rest.  Life has been busy far too long.  Time to slow down and give thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving from the Smith family! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mom's Day at Preschool!

 Future firefighter?
 It was Mom's day at Preschool last week, and I could hardly wait to go and see what it was all about!
 Our own "Trinity Tiger" is happy to be spending the afternoon with Mommy!
We crafted, snacked, read books, played, danced, and painted!  What a great time we had.  I'm secretly jealous that it's over and I can't go again on Daddy's day.  These moments are precious!

Dress up, anyone?

 So, maybe a girls trip to Kmart seemed a bit of a bore...
 We decided we could jazz things up just a bit!

 It was a hat parade!

 And a few silly moustaches from Aunt Wendy made for more dress up!

 Totally me, isn't it?
Hats off!  I guess the fun is over.  A girl can never have too many accessories, don't you agree?  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat

 Practicing her Stinger move!
 Cutest. Bugs. Ever.

 Our first visitors - the superheroes from next door!

 It was a wet night in the ville - but this crew didn't seem to mind one bit! 
 And here we are a week earlier - ready for a costume party!
 I just love this time of year - and I love how much fun they're having too!
 Here's hoping you got more treats than tricks! 

Jack o Lanterns!

We figured since we hand picked our pumpkins from the patch, we ought to show the girls what it was like to carve one.
They were so excited about our family project!
They even liked the smell of the goo!


Love the expressions here!

And here's the final product!  What a fun family night - goo and all!