Friday, June 25, 2010

Savin' this for later!

Here's her latest 'thing'.... The pacifier popsicle. She either throws the dumb thing across the floor out of reach, or..she plops it onto her thumb so she can reach down and suck on it whenever the mood strikes. She'll keep that dumb thing on her thumb forever it seems! She'll stop, chat a little, talk to her toys, watch TV, and then plop it back in her mouth, still attached to the thumb. I caught her playing with it off and on for about 30 minutes today, so I snapped a few photos!

What a goof!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was a little low key for us today- just a relaxing day at home recuperating from the beach...but we still had to celebrate!

Daddy got this collage poster to display in his rec room, along with a new Red's jersey & beach towel. What fun! This little girl sure has changed his life! Happy Father's Day, Rick! We love you!

New game- Toy toss!

Does she get extra points if they make it to the ground when the door opens? This is NOT the biggest toy pile up we experienced on our trip home..but it's definitely blog-worthy.

Longest length of time one toy was in her hand before tossing: approximately 10 minutes.
Average length of time before tossing it over the side: approximately 2 minutes.
Number of toys tossed: Pretty much everything..including an empty water bottle, a bottle lid, plastic cup, can coozy, DVD case, every pacifier, 3 blankets, and various dolls, books, rattles, toys, etc.

Let's just say someone was a stinker on her ride home! She kept Grandpa busy trying to find new things to entertain her!

And also important to note- when her carseat was briefly switched to the other side of the car..the toys did not get thrown to the middle...the toys were thrown towards the other side of the car. Yep...someone has a new game!


Well, it's really 8 months and one week, but hey....we've been on vacation!

I can't believe how big she is getting. She's learning new things daily. We seem to love peek-a-boo, books, dollbaby, the dog, the pool, and playing with the sippee cup. She just started making funny faces with her mouth & tongue. I wonder if she's feeling around for teeth. Nothing poking through yet. She was an incredible little traveler while we made the trek to the OBX and back. What a good kid! She loved spending time with some of her cousins. She is jabbering like crazy- lots of Dada's and baba's. When you ask her where Daddy or Grandpa is, she turns her head to them and smiles. She's not a fan of fruits- makes funny faces every time. She does enjoy her veggies though, and makes little mmm-mm sounds as she eats. She is starting to 'toss' the toys as she loses interest in them. No crawling yet, but lots of sitting and rolling. And when you ask her how big she is and say Soooo Big, she'll lift her arms up high and smiles! She's just like her parents- social. She loves kids, babies, and men. And anyone who talks to her gets a big gummy grin. She LOVES music- kicks the feet, flaps the arms and moves constantly. I even caught her sitting and bopping up and down to the beat today! What a lovable, goofy girl! Who's got attitude?
Giggling for Mommy!
Is there added fiber in this?
I love my blankies!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Farewell beach!

Our last day was a beauty! Just enjoying the surf, the sun, and the sand!

Hmmm..something puzzling you?
The turtles lived in the lake by our pool..and all came over to fight for the cheerios they'd been fed.
When Mommy found this yellow adirondack chair, it was the perfect spot to snap a few photos.
I guess you'd call this look...relaxed??

Sayin' a little prayer that we get to come back to the beach again soon! What a lovely week we had! ..but ready for home again.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Odds & Ends- vacation pix

Tuckered out from her busy day..someone is quite cuddly. She even rocked Daddy to sleep!
Peek -a- boo! Some girls model their new shorts!
Here we are all giggly at the house. We had great daylight pouring in the windows, so the camera came out.
The Philipp family at the top of Jockey's Ridge. We made it up that steep mountain of sand just in time for sunset!
Rick was able to get the kite up for a little while, but gave up as the sun was setting on us.
At sunset atop Jockey's Ridge.
Here is one of my favorite pics from the week- all smiles and sittin' in a tree!
We visited the Heritage Park where the lighthouse is. Didn't venture up the 214 steps with an 8-month old...but it was pretty to look at.
Sittin' poolside..wrapped in a towel and Daddy's hat.
At Heritage Park
Here is our place for the week, 1227 Bluewater Court in Corolla. "Sanctuary"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Photo Shoot

Our day started with rain, but it cleared off and became a great day to play at the beach. We had a little fun with a late day photo shoot!

And behind every camera, is a photographer's helper...Hannah! Someone has to be there to help create those smiles!

Putting a little muscle into their shot, the Philipp family gets silly!

My baby is in the ocean! No cries this time! She enjoyed splashing up some fun..and the audience, too!

The wind was you can tell by my lovely hair, but I still love the picture!
And flyin' high!
Just a little wave to say hello from the beach! Lots of fun, and lots of great memories!