Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Memorial Day Dip

in Harwood's Pool!

Lucy relaxing poolside in the shade.

It didn't take Caroline long to warm up to the water, pool, and Russ.

Jack and Evan trying to tackle Hannah with a water ball.

Hannah takes on the two and fights back.

Caroline spots a "hermaine" in the air. That's C-speak for airplane in case you didn't know.

Dad...exactly where he belongs.

It was a gorgeous warm day for a dip in the pool. Thanks, Harwood's. We love you!

Lucy napping on a pool floatie in the shade. It was just too hot in her seat.

She looks pretty comfy here. Wish I was joining her. Right. Now.

Silly Hat Dance

Fresh from an afternoon nap, and ready to play!

Caroline spotted her Daddy's hat, and immediately started to wiggle.

That's her, grooving to her own tune.

And the beat goes on...


Happy Memorial Day!

Lucy is all geared up to watch the Marysville Memorial Day Parade- Her first!

Ellie and her shadow watch the parade as it turns the corner and heads our way. And yes, those are stars on her butt!

Cutest parade-watcher ever!

So maybe Lucy wasn't so much a fan of the parade... She actually missed most of it as did I since she required a wardrobe change. No wonder she wasn't happy here! (And her Daddy is thinking... would you hurry up with the pictures already and take the unhappy child from me...)

Hey...at least the marching band decided to actually march this year and not ride on a wagon.

Flags are courtesy of the Boy Scouts. Obviously we're quite a fan.

It was a beautiful morning to enjoy cinnamon rolls, neighbors, and friends!

Aunt Wendy tends to Lucy now that we have fresh clothes.

Tuckered. out.

Breaking in the Patio, 2011

Rick is putting the grill to use for the Marysville family since it's a holiday weekend.

While Grandpa spoils Lucy!

And Ellie spoils Caroline! (Okay, maybe we do need to consider a haircut soon?)

And Matt adds Jack to the air show.

..And Will, too!

One of my favorite pics.

Goofy girl!

And, per a friend's request, I put myself in a blog pic...only because Caroline was having some fun with Mommy here!

And what better way to end the day?

More air entertainment!

Same day as the crop dusting...

Same field behind the house. (Hmmm..should we have mentioned to this fella that the crops may have fresh toxins on them?)

Rick was using the time when the sun went down to mow...while I enjoyed the air entertainment.

And this is what it looks like when you deflate an ultra-light. Wow. Exciting day! Hey, at least it wasn't a shooting! (Oh wait..we've already had one of those, huh?)

Crop Dusting, anyone?

I attempted to finally take a nap on Sunday... ( No zoom lens used here..he really is THAT close!)

But this low-flying aircraft had other plans for my naptime!

Dusting the fields directly behind our house!

Yes, that's him...directly above our house! It was just a bit LOUD! I really thought he was going to land ON our house every time he made a pass.

Show off!

At least the other two girls in the house slept through it all!

Enjoying the Outdoors!

Sweet lil Lucy enjoying the outdoor evening breezes!

Can you see the drool coming from the corner of her mouth?

I want this life! So so sweet and relaxed!

High Fiber Diet

Apparently my daughter has quite a fondness for books.

I just didn't know how deep the love was...until after nap. When I went to pick her up out of the crib she said "No, Mouth" as I spied a few white specks on her chin.

Hmm...I knew to look for the book right away. Yes, she's heard the words "Not in your mouth" almost hourly since she seems to be going through a lovely oral fixation stage. The good news is you can still read "Ten Apples Up on Top" if you so desire. The bad news is it took Caroline about 36 hours for her diaper to be as 'moved' by the book. Books are no longer joining us for naps these days. Happy Reading!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Cellphone Pics

OK, so I'm a little behind the times. I randomly take cellphone pictures all the time. ( Shocker, I know!) Today I figured out how to actually get the pictures out of the phone! So here are some recent faves! - Caroline sitting on the patio and playing her music with Mommy,

Caroline exhausted after confirmation and lunch on Sunday,

Lucy Weller meets Lucy Smith,

Daddy feeds Caroline spaghetti while Mommy was at OSU with Lucy,

And sweet little Lucy asleep on her blanket..and positioned exactly like her Daddy!

I had such fun looking at the random photos that there's sure to be a random cellphone photo blog entry soon. This one was just my favorites. More to come!