Monday, December 26, 2011


Where did that month go?

I am more amazed by this little one each day. She's so strong and inquisitive. If she's something she wants, she goes for it and you'd better not get in her way!

And at 21 lbs, she's likely to win!

How about a buggy hat for our Lucy Bug?

I do believe she likes it!

Thanks, Aunt Wendy! It's a winner in my book!

Cutest. Buggy. Ever.

At nine months, your little personality is really starting to show.

You are happy pretty much all the time, and you especially love your big sister.

You are rolling all over the place to get what you want, and just this week you started to 'army crawl' to move yourself around.

You taste everything and you get excited when I pull out 'puffs' for you to eat. You love peek a boo, singing, television, and anything that lights up and sings to you. Every time you get that helmet off you reach up and grab your hair and ears, you love to be tickled, and you love it when we talk to you or nuzzle you close. You just jabber in your crib when you are awake and are happy all the time.

Time for some close ups with that new lens. Love this whole set. They make meel feel like I know what I'm doing behind that camera, even though I think I just get lucky taking shots. Hello Blue Eyes!

Do I look like my Daddy?

Or Mommy?

I think you just look like Lucy! You're a good combo, kid!

Love those eyes! It doesn't matter who you look like - we love you and we'll keep you! Now can you please stay like this forever? Pretty, pretty please??

We're in love a little more each day. Come play if you think you can steal her away! In the meantime, you can just visit the blog to gush with us!

Grandpa's New Digs

Dad hasn't been in the house long enough to enjoy it yet, but the elves have been busy getting it ready for the holidays. It was a delightful place to spend the day, and will hopefully soon feel like home to him. We are blessed.

Christmas with the Ward's

Hannah and Caroline are ready for more present fun!

Cute kids peeking over the staircase at Grandpa's new home!

Practicing the royal wave!

Aunt Jill did her share of spoiling Lucy!

Girl fun.

I wasn't planning on crying but when I spotted the handpainted rocker for 'Lucy Bug', I couldn't help it! Aunt Wendy and crew created this special chair just for her! Caroline has her own chair too, which can be seen here. What a gift we'll treasure!

Champ decides to perch out in the sunroom away from the chaos.

How many monkeys do you see? The giant sock monkeys were a hit this year!

Hannah tries out her new marshmellow shooter in the basement.

Our ladybug models her new chair..and hat!

Caroline shows us how rocking chairs are good for rocking babies.

Family friend Lisa Vest joined us for dinner today, and Caroline works on charming her. I love Evan and Jack hanging out in the background!

The white elephant gift exchange is always a hit!

Ellie & Wendy try out the new puzzle in the kitchen. It was a busy but wonderful day. Dad was able to join us for the meal and the fun. He's regaining his strength daily so he can come home and enjoy the new house soon! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Mornig

Wow. We must have been very good this year! Santa left many goodies for us.

A Christmas morning sunrise in the background, and a tree with gifts for all.

Let the fun begin! Nothin' cuter than the awe in a sleepy little face.

Caroline spotted the Winnie the Pooh bears and distributed them immediately.

A new Santa village to play with!

And an Elmo puzzle as tall as Caroline! Fun!

This girl seriously knows how to tackle a stocking!

Daddy gets a new picture frame for his sports room.

And Lucy decides the boxes are just as fun as the presents!

The girls enjoying their day!

Caroline loves her new easel. We've colored daily! What a delightful family morning we had together, complete with a Christmas morning brunch. I would say it was a very great Christmas indeed.