Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Card Picture - The Outtakes

Mommy works on adjusting the lighting and the camera settings, while Caroline gets happy???

I love the wonder of those little eyes.

Still working on that happy thing, apparently.

I decided we could add JOY in other ways.

or maybe not...

That works.

Hey Mommy, I want that present.

Again...such joy.

ooh...we may have struck gold here...switching the presents seemed to have helped.

I didn't realize there was a taste factor involved.


Hmmm...Someone definitely not liking the 'decorate your sister' plan.

Let's kick back and watch Mommy make funny faces.

Doesn't work so well with someone who likes to roll these days.

Ah, bliss.... May your holidays be as joyful as ours!! Sorry for the late post..we've been fighting a nasty bug at our house. Stay healthy, everyone!

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