Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good mornin!

..or perhaps not?
There's our smiley girl!
It's mighty early for a flash!
We are much happier in our 'kiddie condo'!
What a cheeseball..pulling out her plug to smile!

Makin' faces!

Seriously, Mom? More pictures?
Happy for a moment.
I have a secret to tell you!
Reaching for the camera!
That daylight is bright!
Who you calling grumpy?
Can anybody out there help me?

Raspberries for all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Photo Shoot

Here's a sneak peek at our too cute photo shoot! How will we ever decide? Enjoy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playtime fun

Just a quick post to show off our girl- enjoying some playtime under the gym.
..and kicking up those feet! Pure happiness.

Jason & Stacy's wedding

Friends Jason and Stacy were married yesterday. Jason has been a softball buddy of Rick's and he was one of the readers at our wedding. (And I'll never forget the rehearsal dinner when he got up to say his reading he switched it out and read the 23rd Psalm. It was hilarious!)
Dad Smith joined us for the event- he and Stacy became bleacher buddies at many softball games last summer.It was a beautiful service for a lovely couple!
It was great to see more softball buds- brothers Mark Patrick & Jen, and Dan Patrick & Alison.
And we survived a night out without our sweetie. It was nice to get out and party, but...we must have stayed past curfew, because when Grandpa Ward couldn't reach us via cellphone, he called the Hilliard police to look for us! The music was so loud we didn't hear those phones ring! All was well, and a good time had by all. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Jason Coke!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo shoot!

I took Caroline to a local photographer today for a photo shoot. She was so cute we had to create some poses at home, too!
I love this sweater set from Mary Lynn and couldn't wait for the opportunity to photograph her in it. She also wore her new Easter dress for the photo session. I can't wait to see the proofs!Look at those eyes!
We are all about eating..anything!
What a ham!

Our beauty!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mmmmm, toes!!

Caught in the act! Caroline was sucking that big toe after her bath tonight. Mmmm-mm, good!

Go Bucks!

In the spirit of March Madness...
Caroline is all smiles in her OSU onesie!
And the backside is just as cute!
She's ready to party with us. Too bad the Buckeyes aren't on until 9:40...Caroline will be sound asleep by then, but we know she's cheering them on! GO OHIO STATE- beat UCSB!

Too pooped to party..

These pictures say it all! I was doing dishes the other night before we headed to choir, and Caroline was playing under her gym. It got really quiet and when I went to check on her, this is what I found! She had wriggled out of her boppy- which usually takes about 10 minutes, and then she fell asleep cold on the floor! Guess she wore herself out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Her Latest 'thing'...

Caroline has taken to propping her leg up on things. It cracks me up. Here she is asleep in her bed during naptime- and notice the leg...
When we lay her down she will automatically turn to the right and hike that left leg up. She did this when nursing too. She'll constantly take that left leg and kick it down between my legs. I guess she takes after Mommy, because I am constantly kicking a foot out from under the covers at night. Who knows? I just had to capture it when I saw her sleeping so peacefully today.
When we got her dressed in this cute little outfit today, I was all set to do a photo shoot. Caroline fixed that when she promptly spit up all down the front of it, so I guess this is the best we get today! This darling outfit was a gift from Terri, my substitute while I was on maternity leave. Love it- and it shows off her blue eyes! Perhaps we'll try again later once she dries off!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Time is flying! I cannot believe our little sweetheart is already five months old!
She's a total ham! Look at that grin!
She just loves to stretch out on the floor and discover.
Thanks to cereal in our diet, those thighs are filling out quite nicely!
She's really learning to grasp things. She tries to hold her bottle- or push it out of the way. She grabs her pacifier and takes it in and out of her mouth. She babbles in her bed all the time. And drools on just about everything.
Love this "gotcha" pose!
Her Daddy calls this her "Heisman" pose!
Hiding from the paparazzi here!
All smiles!
And who could resist this adorable bunny?