Friday, March 12, 2010


Perhaps Caroline is smiling because we are no longer trying peas??
Or she's really excited about squash?
Either way, she was a pretty happy camper here. And she's even been sick with a nasty cough all week!
This picture cracked me up- she's so serious. I wonder if she's tasting the squash and not quite sure.
But we've gotten some in there, and she's all smiles again!
And Mommy learned that one must be faster than Caroline's hands! She's always putting them in her mouth. That doesn't exactly work too well when there is food in her mouth. It makes clean up a bit of a challenge. Now Mommy feeds me with paper towels near by! Hmmm...I wonder which veggie we'll try next?

1 comment:

  1. How sweet is she...oh my goodness!

    My kids always LOVED the squash too! It is so fun to try out these new things...I can't wait to get a chance to feed our Shelby!