Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho ho ho!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Enjoy these silly elves dancing for you: http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/wSI9BFKmzDqlwWWD

Friday, November 26, 2010

Diaper Bag Attack!

Could she dig any deeper?
I'm pretty sure she's pulled just about everything out of the bag.
Including a ziploc bag of cheerios, that apparently wasn't sealed! Inhaling as quickly as she can.
It's the game that never gets old.

Give Thanks

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Mom & Dad's official 50th Anniversary at Jill's home.
There were a few turkey spottings...
And a moose! (Merry Christ-moose?)
Yet another turkey sighting.
Cute & cuddly!
Enjoying the yummy dinner!
Caroline gets kisses from Roxie.
And we even took time to celebrate Evan's birthday.
Perhaps the biggest turkey of them all?? Gobble, gobble! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with blessings, too!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yummy! Frosty!

Daddy, I want some of that! (Even funnier when she tried to peel his fingers away from the cup!)
Yes, that thing right there in that yellow cup...I want it!
Now that's what I'm talking about! I believe she takes after her parents for sure!

Love these curls!

There's nothing cuter than a little girl after her bath!
And I love these curls! They are all over her head. It makes me want to spray that hair down every morning just so I can see those cute curls. What a cutie!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirteen months going on three!

I can't believe how this girl is growing! She seems to pack all her milestones into one weekend! She is taking milk from her sippee cup instead of the bottle...gosh this makes her seem so old to me. I miss cuddling up with those bottles.
We have 4 teeth coming through on top -finally! She's going to look so different with teeth in that mouth.
She says hi and bye bye now and waves to everyone/everything. When you take her up to bed she waves night-night to her toys. She growls when you ask her what the lion says, points to things when you call them by name. She knows how to find certain toys, her hair, her fingers, toes, and is a total sponge learning new things daily. She dances at mention of the word dance or at the sound of music. She says baby every time there's one in a book, magazine, or on tv..or if she sees herself in the mirror.
She's pulling herself up on everything she can, and today I caught her standing up for a few minutes unsupported. It won't be long til we're walking at this rate. And the steps were her newest discovery today. She ventured all the way up to step 5 without me knowing it!
I was trying to snap a picture of those top teeth. You can see how cooperative she was here!
And this is generally what we like to do while eating...put our hands in the hair. Just imagine how fun this is with mashed banana between your fingers!
Where does the time go? It seems like she'll have Algebra figured out by next week!

And so it begins..

Look who found the steps today! Yikes! I'm off to find a baby gate...
Pretty adventurous considering she's not walking yet. Here she's noticed the distance she's traveled. Hmmm....how do I get down, Mommy?

A little holiday shopping?

Someone has decided she'd like some new jewelry! We'll be sure to tell Santa!

Do you like my new hat??

My mommy likes it so much, she's thinking of letting me wear it while I eat. Anything to keep my sticky hands out of my hair, she says!
And the best part about my hat is it's disposable...
and costs less than 25 cents!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Horn on the Bus, part II

I'm not sure this video accomplishes much more than part one, but you do hear the beep beeps here. She is incredibly distracted, however by her pj feet in this one. Alas, a movie star is not born!

The Horn on the Bus, part I

Well of course I couldn't capture my genius daughter on video doing what she does on a daily basis around here, but I tried. Here she is playing with her bus- actually talking to her bus. She does manage to point out the horn, but I can't get her to share her beep beep on film! It's still pretty cute! Enjoy.

All wrapped up!

in Mommy's scarf!
This is my favorite thing to do right now..put stuff on my head: clothing, toys, blankets, food, jackets, socks, you name it!
What fun! Silly girl!

Call Waiting...

Let's just say if you were trying to call....you might be on hold awhile!
Ahh..the discoveries!
I think she's got the idea, don't you? Hello, future!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family!

Looking good at 18 weeks! We aren't going to find out the gender, so you all get to be surprised with us. Baby looks healthy and is measuring right on track for April 1st. Baby weighs just 7 oz right now. Hard to believe they can get such good pictures of such a tiny being! Praying all continues to go well and baby remains healthy. What a cutie! I think it's even smiling for its first photo shoot, don't you?