Sunday, August 19, 2012

Everybody needs a Hannah!

We've been saying that for years in our family!  And now that I have two of my own, I LOVE it when Hannah is around.  It's always a much needed break for me, and a delight for my girls!
The pictures speak for themselves.  Just look at the fun I captured with my girls and Hannah at the Balloon Fest. 

Yep, we think she's a keeper, too!  How lucky are we?

Balloon Fest, Day 2

Well my pics uploaded in a totally mixed up order, but here is a look at one of the sky divers, just as he's going in for a land.
And the dragon balloon was a hit.  It was the largest balloon I've ever seen.
Gee, do you think Caroline likes it, too?
The ultra light kept us entertained prior to the balloon lift off.
Jill, Tony, and Hannah joined us for the evening.
And we have lift off! 

I think we counted 26 balloons in all.

How about a little Darth Vader balloon?  And a close up artsy shot?
Those sky divers were so cool - they literally jumped out of the plane right above our heads.  We watched them catch the wind to land over at the airport.
Thanks to Tony's keen eyes - he saw them do a test flight and drop a wind scarf to check the winds prior to their jump.  We were ready to see them go - we just didn't know it would be right over us.  They were up there a long time before they finally made their way down and across to the air strip.  What a delightful night! 

All Ohio Balloon Fest, Day 1

It was a bit too windy for many of the balloons to lift off, but it didn't stop us from having fun!
Caroline made some new friends while we waited on the balloons.
And I was able to capture some fun action shots!
The balloons did still decide to inflate for the balloon glow, and we watched from the sidelines while eating Dairy Queen - not a bad deal!
It's days like this that I love our little town.
It was perfect weather, and a perfect end to our week!

Um, Yeah..She's got a face for that!

No words necessary. 
And with faces like these, there really are...


Little Rock Star

Looks like Lucy is giving Caroline a run for the money as the Rock Star of the house.
Uh. oh.  Just as silly as her sister??  Couldn't be!
Yep.  I think we're in trouble!

Water Sports

Let's just say if this were an Olympic event, we'd be pros at it!
A gold medal smile!

And apparently Caroline insists on feeding Lucy from the spatula.  Lucy doesn't care - she loves the attention and having a buddy to play with.  Sigh.  Our summer is nearing an end.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surrounded By Love

 Well, Mom - we threw you quite a party!
 Complete with family,

 And everyone you love!
 We even made sure to serve Snickerdoodles in your honor!

And Cousin Adam & Heather brought their boys all the way from Iowa to surprise everyone - even their Mom.  All for you. It was a beautiful service - Leah sang, Tony played trumpet for you, and Rick and Matt shared their best Gaylee stories.  You would have laughed, cried, and spilled food on your front - just like always.  I think you loved every minute from your vantage point.  Now watch over Dad for us, okay?  We had a good time, but we're not ready to do this anytime again soon!
 Love you and miss you!  And we're still enjoying the snickerdoodles! -Laurie