Saturday, August 18, 2012

And the Relatives Came...

Aunt Kristy and Uncle Gene arrived from Iowa in time to spoil my girls!

And we had to do a little car comparing! It seems that everyone is sporting new wheels these days!

 Dad looks relaxed - well, we can hope so anyway!
 Wendy and Matt fight over the array of cookies that were delivered.
 Cousins enjoy some quality time together.

 And Uncle Craig and Aunt Janet arrive, also from Iowa. I don't think they've been here in 10 years!
And I marvel at this flower every time I see it. I must get one of these next year.  And to think Dad bought it and it was in a tiny little pot. Amazing.  It's been a crazy, emotional ride these past few weeks.  My computer hasn't been exactly cooperative in helping me upload...perhaps because there's just a few thousand photos on it?  Maybe, just maybe it's running a bit slow these days.  Well, am I!  But, alas, here's a blog post for you, finally!  A few more to come.  We enjoyed many hot air balloons over Marysville the past few days, so stay tuned!

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