Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alum Creek Beach

Where do you go in Central Ohio to find sand and water?
Why, Alum Creek State Park, of course!
We try to make it over here at least once a summer for a dip in the water.
Lucy just enjoyed playing in the water and sand. 
Grandpa came along for the ride.  He deserved to see some sort of beach this year, even if it's only Alum Creek.
I was grateful that Hannah & Leah joined us - It made my day worry free. 
My girls had a ball playing with their cousins.
I'm not quite sure who brought home more of the beach in their bottom - but they both put on a good fight!
Splashing beachside - and wearing sand just about everywhere!

Time for a snack!
Lucy shows us how it's done!
Puddle play!
And Lucy chases the seagulls, saying "Quack, Quack."  She was fascinated by them.  It was a delightful way to spend the morning.  Perhaps we'll make it back with Daddy later this year.

Ice Cream!

Well, it used to be ice cream, anyway!  What a fun treat.  In case you missed it, that was her "I'm really excited I just had ice cream" face.
Good to the last drop!
And we now have a toddler who's full of sugar and still going strong at 9 pm!  Yay for summertime!

Papa's in the house!

The "ham" in this picture took one look at the camera and put her cheesy face on.
Caroline telling Grandpa how it is.  She's definitely in charge these days.
And now look who's being cheesy.  She said to me, "get my picture with Papa."  Well, Caroline, how'd I do?


Um, well...I needed evidence for when they're teens to be able to say that they loved each other once.
They love to kiss and hug,.... until it turns into a chokehold. 
But you must admit it's kinda cute!
And if you come to play, we promise you'll get a big sloppy smooch too!

Chalk this Way!

We are serious about our sidewalk chalk in this family.

Taking only a brief moment to peek through the windows.
And then we're back at it again.
Laying down gives the artist a better angle, I think.
We are definitely becoming "one" with our chalk.
Pink feet, white elbows, green dresses,'s all good. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Abby is growing!

 Just. Precious.
 Caroline likes holding her hand. 
 Storytime?  Jenny is learning to juggle one-handed quite well!

We had a lovely visit with our friend Jenny and baby Abby.  They grow so fast. 

Softball Champs!

 ..Technically they were 1st Runner Up - but still champs in my book!
 The girls and I traveled to Westerville to surprise their Daddy and watch the team win.
 Caroline was fascinated by cousin Brady, and also enjoyed the fudge pop from Grandpa Smith!

 Lucy was all smiles for the crowd.
 She even stopped to visit with the park director and take him a book to read. 
Daddy's team has worked hard to earn this trophy!  Congrats to team Classics!

Crate training?

 No need to call Child Protective Services....
 My children don't stay in a dog crate.
 But I did catch them giggling and playing in it this week!
 Yes, we've gone to the dogs around here.
 Silly times.
 Who knew it would be so fun to be a dog?
Luckily Tilly didn't mind sharing her digs for a bit.  I was all ready to scold Caroline for putting her sister in the crate, and then I saw that she joined right in the fun.  Goofy, goofy girls!  Woof!