Saturday, February 26, 2011

A video from the past...just found!

Say Cheese!

Look at who I caught being cheesy for the camera.
As soon as she saw the camera she said cheese!
Then she came closer so she could 'see the baby' in the camera!
I fear I've created a monster!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good to the last drop!

Mmmmmmmm.....Need we say more?

That's Newsworthy!

Well this newspaper looks very interesting!
Espeially if I try it upside down!
Or better yet...sideways! Goofy girl! She is constantly exploring her world these days!

We're Blossoming!

Pictured above - the cute little girl in the house who is blossoming daily.
And here we have the other blossoming girl of the Smith house. Ugh! 34 weeks here and counting! I just looked back at our first blog entry of me at 39 weeks with Caroline. I think I've outgrown that already and I still have 6 weeks to go! Check it out for yourself here. Mommy is so ready to meet this baby and be done with work. Come on Spring!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sick baby!

We thought this little move was pretty cute!
And then we learned our punkin was sick with a fever. She stayed home for 4 whole days in a row trying to get rid of that fever. She was snuggly and ouchy, and liked to just lay that sweet little head down. Good thing her Grandpa Smith got her that panda pillow. It came in handy this week!
What a punkin! I'm glad my little girl finally is perking up and getting her appetite back. I know her sitter missed her terribly this week. It was a long week, but we'll take all the snuggles we can get. Stay healthy, y'all!

Daddy's Hat

One cute girl + one silly hat = giggles on a Saturday!

One must take a break to watch some fine television. Cutest profile ever!
Our silly girl started jabbering and walking in circles as soon as she put on her Daddy's hat. Oh, the fun you can have with the simple things!

Sunny Days

We're beating the winter blues with our new shades.
They were made for sharing!
Mom, is this how they go? Sure! Happy February, everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Woes!

A sunny trip out in the tundra...enjoyed by Tilly.
That's at least an inch of ice coating our driveway. Not incredibly fun to clean up. In fact, it's still there. We gave up.
Brrrrrr... notice the house across the street..their driveway also makes for a nice skating rink!
Here's the view out our back stoop...layers and layers of ice. Rick finally chiseled out the dog leash so we didn't have to drag her out through the garage. Winter sure packed a whallop on us this week.
Fog, ice, snow, sleet, rain, and wind!
That siding is now dripping with icicles. I did manage a couple of snow days from the blast, but I am so ready to be done with winter. Come on, Spring!

Let's Luau!

Remind me again, why this child needs toys?
It seems the true joys in life are the simple things!
And we like to put this on pretty much every day! With all this wintry weather, I'm with her! Let's find someplace warmer, and have a luau!