Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cookie Making!

 Well, there might be men taking wet carpet padding out of our basement, but we've got a holiday to do, so...
 It's cookie baking time!
 It's time for reindeer cookie decorating!

 Caroline became an expert at placing the eyes and noses.

 And tasting, too!

 This one's not to be left out!  

What fun!  Bring on the fat man!  We're ready!

Holiday fun

 Twas the Sunday before Christmas...
 And Aunt Jill hosted a party!
 The kids were so excited - we hadn't been there in forever.  It was nice to sit and relax with family and play games.

 The girls get an early present from Aunt Jill and Wendy!

 Matching stripe dresses!  Too cute!  They had to try them on immediately!

 Still posing??  At least that's what I think we'll call this!
A fun night spent with family.  We were NOT as happy to come home to a wet basement.  We'd had lots of rains the previous night and apparently our sump pump got stuck.  We were up all night soaking up water.  :( Thankful for insurance - but not exactly what anyone wants three days before Christmas!  

Preschool Christmas Program

 Do you see those curls all dressed in red at the base of the Christmas tree?
 It's our favorite four year old, ready to show off her stuff, singing Christmas songs!
 Posing for a picture with Ms. Janice and Miss Frisch.  She LOVES her teachers!
 And she knows every word and every motion - did you have any doubts?

 Posing during the milk and cookie hour -with preschool friend Kylie.
And her other favorite four year old is Mallory - and she couldn't wait to see her.
It was a great kick off to our holiday season!  Nothing better than little voices singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Monday, January 13, 2014

There's just something about this face....

 That I just adore!
 Those eyes, that smile...
 Those sexy curls...
 and that personality...

With a LARGE dose of stubborn sprinkled in...  She just makes. me. smile. (And now I have to go wash these bowls that were on her head, and I don't even care!)

Hello? I have a call coming in. I'll have to text you later.

 So Rick and I took the girls to Best Buy and we happened to stop near the phone display.
 We were on one side talking about cell phones with a store employee.
 When I overhear the girls having a conversation on the other side.  
 It was hilarious.  They went on and on chatting with each other on their "phones".  
 It's scary how much they know to say and how grown up they sound.
Hmmm...I wonder why Caroline put on her preschool paper  "While I"m at preschool my mommy is...talking on the phone."  Perhaps we set the example.  I only wish I had recorded this little event.  Too, too funny.   I'd write more, but I have to go check on my phone now!

Meowy Christmas!

 Ok, I promise..this is the last post with blurry cat pictures!  Here Caroline insists..take my picture with her Mommy!

 Cousins come to meet the newest family member.
 And Lucy likes hanging out in Jingle's new room while Mommy does the laundry.
 I want this life!
It's Christmas!  Santa was here...and Jingle apparently slept through it all under the tree!

Meet Jingle!

 These pictures are just a bit out of order, but here you go!  

 Yeah, I'd say she's pretty comfy in her new home!
 And here she is checking out the competition!
 Jingle admires the Christmas tree.
 So, the story behind this little sweetie is that she showed up on our doorstep on a cold wintry day...
 And after two trips to the Humane Society and scouring the neighborhood, no one seemed to claim her!
 We gave the owners a week to claim her there, and nothing.  The Humane Society took her to PetSmart to be adopted.
 And Rick and I stumbled into PetSmart while we were out on a December date, and we found our pretty friend, still awaiting adoption.
 We placed a hold on her and waited to be approved for adoption - by the Humane Society, oddly enough!

And we took the girls to see her the following week when we officially brought her back home.  Kind of a crazy way to get a cat - and to pay $75 for one that showed up at our door, huh?  At least the Humane Society had already spayed her and given her all her shots.  She sure is a cutie, and as you can tell, she fits right in.  Even Tilly has adjusted quite well.  And the girls LOVE her.  Every night they go to bed, they want tuck-ins and hugs and kisses from Jingle.  Lucy is fearless and handles her all too well, and Caroline likes to pet her - as long as Jingle isn't scratching or nipping.  It definitely has made for lots of fun watching her play, and seeing the joy she brings the girls.  Rick and I don't mind her cuddling up with us at night either.  She's been a blessing and a welcome addition to the family!