Monday, January 13, 2014

Meet Jingle!

 These pictures are just a bit out of order, but here you go!  

 Yeah, I'd say she's pretty comfy in her new home!
 And here she is checking out the competition!
 Jingle admires the Christmas tree.
 So, the story behind this little sweetie is that she showed up on our doorstep on a cold wintry day...
 And after two trips to the Humane Society and scouring the neighborhood, no one seemed to claim her!
 We gave the owners a week to claim her there, and nothing.  The Humane Society took her to PetSmart to be adopted.
 And Rick and I stumbled into PetSmart while we were out on a December date, and we found our pretty friend, still awaiting adoption.
 We placed a hold on her and waited to be approved for adoption - by the Humane Society, oddly enough!

And we took the girls to see her the following week when we officially brought her back home.  Kind of a crazy way to get a cat - and to pay $75 for one that showed up at our door, huh?  At least the Humane Society had already spayed her and given her all her shots.  She sure is a cutie, and as you can tell, she fits right in.  Even Tilly has adjusted quite well.  And the girls LOVE her.  Every night they go to bed, they want tuck-ins and hugs and kisses from Jingle.  Lucy is fearless and handles her all too well, and Caroline likes to pet her - as long as Jingle isn't scratching or nipping.  It definitely has made for lots of fun watching her play, and seeing the joy she brings the girls.  Rick and I don't mind her cuddling up with us at night either.  She's been a blessing and a welcome addition to the family!

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