Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here's a scary face for the holiday!

And how about a cute picture of our little pumpkin?

The Nuspl's are all decked out in holiday style!

And the Philipp family, too!

And one final family shot of the Smith's! This is our first family shot together since we were at OSU. Too bad our pumpkin was too tuckered out to pose with us.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Having fun with our girl!

I think there's a smile sneaking into this photo- I'm sure it was followed by a frown and a wail, but I thought this one turned out pretty cute.
Russ and Debbie Harwood brought us dinner (YUM!) and I tried to convince Russ he could have the dog. No such luck- yet.

Here Debbie helps with a feeding while Mommy enjoys dinner. Caroline was alert and enjoyed the change of scenery!

Grandma reads "Brown Bear" to Caroline. She loved looking at all the bright colors and big pictures. For just over 2 weeks old I am amazed at how alert she is and how much she enjoys stimulation. She loves her books.

Caroline stretches out on her crib quilt. She went to the pediatrician again today and hasn't gained back her birth weight yet. Dr. says she's healthy and isn't too concerned, but we'll check back next week to see. Today she weighs 7lb. 12 oz.

Here's a close-up...can you tell that I get bored so I turn to the camera??? Poor kid! She has a lifetime to get used to these photo shoots!
Another favorite outfit- the shirt says 'Made you Smile' and on the back side of her pants there's a giant ducky face. It's her little ducky butt outfit! Daddy likes this one a lot!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hanging out with Mom at home...

Can you see the little peanut in this photo?? Here's a closeup below....

She was so cute sitting up in her boppy seat, that I had to photograph. I thought about placing a remote control in her hand and turning on the laptop for her...then she'd definitely be Daddy's girl! This is his spot to crash, after all! She was too cute, snoozing here on Sunday, and I love her petite profile!

I love, love, love this's a hooded vest! Just like mommy! One of her favorite poses..on mommy's chest.

And this photo was snapped today- Happy 2 weeks tonight- gosh, that doesn't seem possible!

In this pic, I call her my sleeper creeper. When she started in the bed, her head was actually in that white hat, and she was completely covered up by the green blanket. Overnight, she crept to the end of the bed, and right out of the hat! Also important to note, is that at the bottom of her outfit you won't find feet, but a diaper instead. Her feet and legs are criss-crossed across her tummy! And notice you only see one hand?? The other is working its way out of the sleeve and across her chest. Somehow she always seems to creep her feet and hands right out of their holes! Hilarious! I had to make a note of it! She cracks me up when she reorganizes herself like this!

I'm still posting as I can- We've been so busy learning the baby routine, and working on the new house. Last night we went out to clean from 10 p.m. until around 1 a.m. Daddy's work schedule is crazy this week, and we had to clean the dust up so the paint crew could do touch-ups today. Needless to say, we're all a bit tired today.
Luckily Grandma Ward came to help mommy today! I LOVE those days! We did laundry, and she helped put the apartment back together,and sometimes adult conversation is nice too! I've been lonely since Rick works noon-8 this week. That makes for long days! And God bless Debbie Harwood- she's bringing us dinner tonight. Yum!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

House is nearing completion!

Had to sneak one in of Caroline- Daddy thinks it's cute how she likes to sleep with one arm under her head...just like him!

This is the site of Rick's mancave! Many future ballgames to be enjoyed here! He can hardly wait!

Despite the layers of dust on the wood floor and countertops, the new house is coming together! We took Caroline out for a visit to meet the neighbors. Actually Mommy really wanted to get out of the apartment and see what was happening. We are still awaiting appliances, sod, and final touch-ups. It won't be long now!
Who has their calendar marked for our moving weekend??? November 7 & 8. Please give us a shout and let us know if we can plan on your muscles- especially since I won't be able to lift much. We don't expect it to take too long. We made the move from the old house to the apartment in about 4 hours- with only about 5 guys. This should be easier since the apartment and storage unit are all ground level, and there's really not too much that is going up stairs. We'd take any help for any amount of time!

Professional Pics are up for viewing!

Here's how to view:
Go to, enter the everyday studios website, click on client proofing, Newborn C, and the password is oct13.

I'm crying because they are so beautiful! How will I decide what to purchase??

Friday, October 23, 2009

Here's a girly photo shoot....

...the last one says it all... but I think she'd better get used to this dressing up and photographing stuff! Mommy was just trying to get a shot for her birth announcement. Not sure if we have one here, but thought they were pretty cute nonetheless!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sorry-I've neglected my posting duties!

But I'm learning that life is quite busy as a new mom, and I've decided it's important to try to sleep when baby sleeps- and that's been my priority the past few days!

Grandma Ward came all day yesterday to help me catch up on sleep and laundry duties. It was so nice, I even felt like cooking dinner last night!

Here Daddy takes some time out of his busy schedule this week to read to Miss Caroline. She loves it when Daddy reads. He has been overworked this week going straight from work to the new house to install doorstops, wash windows, and planting landscaping. He's been a bit stressed trying to work it all in. I feel sorry for him because I can't help, and I also wish he was home just holding his little girl. It won't be too much longer. The house is almost done. We were supposed to get carpet today, and we're hoping there's sod since the forecast calls for rain the next few days. Remnants of Hurricane Rick, I believe!

I'm hoping to get some cute girly pictures in the next few days and get those posted. They change so much in the first weeks. I still can't believe this little angel is actually ours. What a sweetie she is!

Enough rambling..what you really want is the pictures, right? I feel like this blog is turning into a blahg! I just keep going on and on about nothing! Thanks if you made it this far!...that's what happens when you're too tired to be creative, I guess! Until next time...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Check out our photo shoot preview!

I was so excited to learn the preview of our glamour shots from yesterday are up and ready to view. How will I ever decide what to purchase once I see the whole set! These shots made me cry (But I'm a hormonal new momma and everything makes me cry!)

Take a peek at our "Lovely, Baby C" at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a Monday at home!

This is the reason why Mommy can get up with little sleep and lots of pain...this little angel makes it all worth it. Loving this photo...

Oh, and speaking of photos, I just realized that if you want to see a photo larger, you can just click on it and it will expand. Cool feature!

I fear she has her Daddy's feet...

As baby feet, they are still pretty cute. But if she indeed takes after her Daddy, I'm doubting there will be flip-flops in her future!

Here she takes after Mommy and lets her feet hang out of the covers.

Tilly seems to be adjusting well! Here she claims some couch space to snooze. I don't know how Caroline manages to sleep right through those barking fits but she does.
(Update- Tilly did try to snatch a pacifier today. She didn't win the fight, Mommy did!)

We were treated Monday night with a home-cooked meal! Dad's chicken and noodles..yumm! That was a treat. I was so excited I had to take a picture- (I'm a geek, I know!)

Caroline enjoyed her first official babysitters- Grandma and Grandpa Ward. Mommy and Daddy went to work on the new house and wash windows, and install doorknobs. Mommy realized she was a bit crazy to tackle this project just 6 days post-surgery. - and she's paying for it today--very tired and very sore! ( Refer to photo #1 as to why its all worth it!)

It's been a hectic day and my Monday post isn't getting posted til Tuesday evening and I'm beat. Heading for a nap. Can't wait to show you all the professional pics we had taken today. There's some cuties in the bunch, I am sure. Even a few naked shots! Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our little star

We had a rough first night at home. It seems Miss Caroline has her days and nights mixed up! Both Mommy and Daddy got little rest, but we're learning! Daddy has been a huge help to Mommy. She's still quite sore and can't bend over well, so Daddy has had to help pick up the slack, help her in and out of bed, help with meals, and takes care of everything we both need. What a guy! Today he went to our new house to install the doorknobs and sweep floors. We'll be moving in just 3 weeks. Mommy said we she should let all our friends and family know that we'll take lots and lots of help with our moving days on November 7th & 8th, as she won't be able to lift much. Mark your calendars everyone- we'll have a great big moving party!

We had visits today by more cousins- this time the Philipp family! Aunt Jill was a bit jealous she wasn't pictured in a previous blog, so here she is spoiling Caroline.
Caroline Rose meets Hannah Rose. I don't think there was ever a little girl happier to meet you.

But not all my cousins were happy to hold me- Check out the expression on Will's face! He also cried when he heard it was a girl because he wanted it to be a boy! He does however want to teach Caroline how to play playdough and take her down the slide. We think he'll come around soon!

And here's our little star- lounging in her bed during her nap today. What a doll!

Check back another day for more updates! We're getting the routine down, and then we'll be able to visit more with you everyone. See you at our next post!

Welcome Home!

Caroline & Mommy were discharged following the Buckeye loss Saturday. She was dressed in her pink OSU tee from Daddy during the game, and then all snuggled in her new "A wish come true" outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy had fun with this pink photo shoot!

We headed home and were greeted by pink balloons, streamers, and Happy Birthday cards at the apartment. We had a pizza party complete with cookies from Daddy that say "It's a Girl!"
The Nuspls and Grandma & Grandpa Ward greeted us and the cousins were excited to finally meet baby Caroline.

Mommy is exhausted from the big day, but gearing up for more. Caroline has more cousins to meet today. Stay tuned for more posts and pics!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Still at OSU- Getting Mommy healthy!

Well, mommy has had a couple of rough nights- not much sleep and lots of pain. We finally figured out at 2:30 a.m. that most of her pains were attributed to gas! Wow- didn't know it had that much pain attached to it- but what a relief-literally!
After getting that pain under control, the dr. was quite concerned with mommy's blood loss, so she spent Friday connected to an IV getting a blood transfusion. It was no fun getting another IV, and being connected to the blood drip for almost 8 hours!

Dr. says if her hemoglobin count goes up, we'll all get to go home Saturday! Hooray!

Today mommy took more pics of me- she can't resist -and I had visits (finally!) from Aunt Lori and Aunt Wendy. They finally have healthy kiddos at home!

Tonight Daddy is spending the night in Marysville- he certainly deserves some quality time in a real bed for a change. Mommy and Caroline get to stay alone and bond at OSU tonight, and they miss him terribly already!

Here's some of the pics from today! Goodnight everyone. Snuggle up!