Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun with our fabulous four month female...

Caroline enjoys her first attempt in the exersaucer. It was being housed in Grandma and Grandpa's basement, and we decided to give it a whirl. Success!
I had to snap this one - asleep in her car seat. It shows off her long eyelashes so beautifully. You just have to ignore the red glow from the hood of the carseat!
She's always so happy in the morning. Tongue out, eyes lit- what a sweetie! Gerber baby??
Looks like she's up to something here!
And we tried out a new outfit today! Every girl needs a little sparkle! How about a shiny silver vest and matching shoes? Her 'Aunt Jodi' sure knows how to shop! Love it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

41/2 month baby stats!

We visited the Dr. today and Caroline is a healthy 15 lb 2oz! She's in the 90th % for weight, and 75th for height at 24.5 inches. Wow- she's over two feet long! No wonder all those sleepers seem to be getting shorter! The hardest part of our visit was her shots, but she was a sweetie the entire time. Even the Dr. thinks she's a good baby and gave us the green light to start introducing solids. We tried a few teaspoons of rice cereal tonight with her bottle. I'm curious if she'll sleep any longer since her belly is fuller. We hope so! She really has been sleeping quite well with a few awake spurts here and there. Last night she was wide awake and talking at 3:30 a.m! I can't wait to see how she does when we introduce the vegetables. I'm sure those priceless messy mouth photos will be on the blog all too soon. When Daddy gets Caroline ready for bed at night, she has started loving on him by reaching up to his chin and touching him. It's so cute. We're not sure if she likes the feel of the whiskers, or if it's the angle she's sitting at, but every time he holds her, she reaches up and gently rubs his chin. It's become their own little bonding time.
And we've added a rug to the kitchen for the new table and chairs! It's a nice addition and really makes it feel more like a home. I've also decided we need a smaller matching rug for in front of the sliding door. I'm also anxious to pick out fabric for a kitchen window curtain, but all in good time. (Note: Please ignore the whale bathtub and dying poinsettia in the background! What can I say? My kitchen is a work in progress - daily!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new favorite picture...

Just perfect!

It's all about the accessories!

One should never fear fashion...Fashion should be embraced! When Mommy found these sunglasses in the $1 bin at Target, it was a no-brainer! A movie star was born!
I could wear them up on top of my head like my Mommy!

But you really have to appreciate them up close as well.
And fashion involves being dressed (or overdressed!) from head to toe! Check out these mini-uggs! Friend Laurie brought these light pink fuzzy boots from Old Navy, and we think they're fab!
Lookout, Hollywood! Here I come!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Comparison shot

a comic strip!
I thought this might be fun to see...a side-by-side view of our growing girl. I could have picked better pictures now that I see them up close, but you get the idea! I hardly recognize the little peanut in the top two photos!
Gosh, it goes so fast!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A few more baptism pics to share...

Love this action shot of Ellie- who is trying not to smile at the camera! That cupcake looks good, Ellie!
Leah looks so grown up these days. Seems like yesterday we celebrated her baptism!
Jack cracks me up! He loves olives..and found a new way to eat them!
Time to eat!
I love this shot of Caroline. Our doll baby!
Modeling the fancy bracelet from Aunt Jill!
I think she's checking out Pastor Larry again here...thinking who is that guy who just poured water on my head???
And one more final shot of us! It was a wonderful day, indeed!

Snow Days photo shoots

Here's a collection of some of my favorite poses over the past week. We've had a lot of time together with all the snow. Bathtime snuggles is one of my favorite times, and those toes curling up crack me up!
Someone looks pretty happy here! I think I caught her mid-giggle.
I love these blue jeans!
She loves this music toy! And here she's so bright-eyed.
Playin' under the gym- hanging on to the toys, and kickin' her feet up to the side. - What a life!
Concentrating on reading her book...note the tongue is out (just like Daddy!)
Little Princess Punkin Pants. Love this snuggly outfit Evan picked out!
And what could be better than natural lighting, natural smiles, and rosy cheeks? I'm in love!

Superbowl Recap

Looking through my pics, I realized I neglected a few posts last week. We attended the St. Brendan Auction, and came home with a couple additions to the Rick Room/Rec Room. First, this signed Jim Tressel picture was the perfect finishing touch for the room!
And, as the auction happened to be the eve before the Super Bowl party...we bid on the mini-fridge- complete with snacks and drinks. We won, and had it fully stocked for the big game! Perfect! Rick should be one happy camper now. He has it all!
Here's a pic of some of us enjoying the game and commercials from our Super Bowl Bash! A good time was had by all.
Mmmm..what could be better than party food??
..and themed napkins?? I'm a geek..yes I really took a picture of my napkins! Time to end this blog now!!

Li'l Valentine!

Here's my valentine!
All decked out in her new valentine duds! (Thanks, Nancy!!)
I think she likes being all cute and cuddly! What do you think? Have you seen anything sweeter than this?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caroline's Baptism

What a beautiful day for our beautiful valentine! Caroline was Christened today!
We were delighted that friends Anne and Betty joined our celebration today!
Everyone got to spoil Caroline- even Grandpa Smith!
Someone is zonked after her big day! She only made one tiny wimper at the very end of her baptism. She was a perfect angel the rest of the time!
Here's the entire clan. What a family! Caroline is one lucky young lady. Happy Valentine's Day - ours was sure sweet!