Thursday, February 25, 2010

41/2 month baby stats!

We visited the Dr. today and Caroline is a healthy 15 lb 2oz! She's in the 90th % for weight, and 75th for height at 24.5 inches. Wow- she's over two feet long! No wonder all those sleepers seem to be getting shorter! The hardest part of our visit was her shots, but she was a sweetie the entire time. Even the Dr. thinks she's a good baby and gave us the green light to start introducing solids. We tried a few teaspoons of rice cereal tonight with her bottle. I'm curious if she'll sleep any longer since her belly is fuller. We hope so! She really has been sleeping quite well with a few awake spurts here and there. Last night she was wide awake and talking at 3:30 a.m! I can't wait to see how she does when we introduce the vegetables. I'm sure those priceless messy mouth photos will be on the blog all too soon. When Daddy gets Caroline ready for bed at night, she has started loving on him by reaching up to his chin and touching him. It's so cute. We're not sure if she likes the feel of the whiskers, or if it's the angle she's sitting at, but every time he holds her, she reaches up and gently rubs his chin. It's become their own little bonding time.
And we've added a rug to the kitchen for the new table and chairs! It's a nice addition and really makes it feel more like a home. I've also decided we need a smaller matching rug for in front of the sliding door. I'm also anxious to pick out fabric for a kitchen window curtain, but all in good time. (Note: Please ignore the whale bathtub and dying poinsettia in the background! What can I say? My kitchen is a work in progress - daily!)

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