Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Our little one is all smiles for the camera just after a diaper change! I just had to post this series of shots- even her shirt is smiling! We have lots to smile about on this Thanksgiving Eve- and much to be grateful for. We are very blessed!

Hope these made you smile!- We are! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Family Resemblance?

Well I thought I was being so clever when I secretly snapped these photos Friday night- and I was all prepared to post them with the heading, "Like Father, Like Daughter..."
But Saturday morning apparently Rick had the same idea...
Because while Caroline and I were snoozing in the new king sized bed, Daddy did the same and snatched this pic of us. So perhaps, it's "Like Mother, Like Daughter!"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Growing Girl and Settling in!

According to our doctor visit this week, we've finally passed our birth weight- and then some! She is now 9lb. 4oz and 21 inches long. (although I think the 4oz. was in her wet diaper when she was weighed!) She is starting to smile more each day. She gives Mommy lots of smiles after she has a happy and full tummy and she also smiles when we tickle her under her chin! Her hair is lightening up- almost a strawberry blonde in the daylight. She's been eating and sleeping like a trooper. We're loving every minute- and feeling very blessed!
Caroline's nursery is finally coming together. Aunt Jill brought her crib up last week and after much frustration, Daddy finally got it put together once we got the directions. Who knew these things could be so complicated?

Here's our girl stretching out in her new digs! She loves looking at all the colors and shapes on her bedding.
I was so excited to get my new chair from but I didn't plan on the dog enjoying it also. Grrrrr....after the photo was taken she was promptly scooted off the chair! Also important to note- our king size bed came yesterday- and Tilly was the first one to nap on it also! Who's in charge here?
Ah, the joys of homeownership- not only has our two week old fridge been repaired (the compressor came unplugged inside the unit), but our custom cut miniblinds from Lowe's have now been cut 3 times! Apparently it takes the trained professional on the cutting machine to be sure the job is done right! Here Rick puts the final blind in place. Kudos to Wendy for hanging the hardware, curtains, rods, and pictures on the walls! I feel like it's finally coming together - and that Better Homes & Gardens has been here! Boxes are slowly getting unpacked and put into place. We can probably even host visitors now and feel like it's almost there! Hooray!

"Aunt" Jodi came to see Caroline this week and brought her a baby swing.

So we decided to test out the swing- it appears to be a success...

... because this was the result about ten minutes later! Worked like a charm!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Bucks!

OH-IO! Rick shows off the new duds for Caroline. Mommy's cousins came bearing gifts, and Sheila found this perfect outfit for Caroline, and a new top for Mommy too! Just in time for the big Iowa game today! (p.s.- Happy Birthday today Daddy- the Buckeyes scored the win just for you!!)
Mommy and Caroline show off their new duds! Go Bucks!

Woo-hoo! Caroline reacts to the Buckeye win in overtime today! She's kicking up her feet for the kicker who helped us snag the win! Hooray!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello World- Look who's one month old today! Gosh it's gone so fast! She seems to be growing in length and filling out! We'll find out the stats at the pediatrician next week. She's been a sweetheart- and even rewarded mommy by sleeping from 11pm until 4:45 am last night! Whew! Mommy tried the bath, bottle, book, bed routine, and apparently it worked! We'll be trying that again tonight!
Well apparently I can't get this to rotate, but this pic is Caroline wearing a 12 month size onesie- we'll take a picture in this every month and watch her grow into it!

A close-up of our one-month old, who's found something to focus on!

And I had to throw in one girlie shot!

So comfy sleeping the day away in her pack-n-play! Don't grow too fast little one! Mommy wants time to slow down so she can enjoy you while you're still little! You'll be a teenager all too soon!

More visitors!

Caroline enjoys visiting with Mommy's cousins Sheila and Linda - who were visiting from Minnesota and Georgia!
They traveled a long way- only wish they'd had more time to stay and play!

And Mommy's friend Leslie stopped by to help Mommy get some work done around the house- and came with treats from Der Dutchman- yum! What a fun week we've had!

Our Alert Little Girl!

Caroline discovered her toys and links on her activity gym this week- and loves to focus on all the colors. She loves to look at the daylight coming in the windows also!

Here she smiles at the toys hanging off her gym.

And what could be more fun than focusing on Grandma? What a sweetie!

My first bath!

At 4 weeks old, Tuesday was the big day! We broke out the new whale tub! (Mommy had just gotten out of the shower herself, here!)
Not so sure about this wet stuff!

This bath thing is much more tolerable with a pacifier in my mouth! Whew! We hope this little girl likes her bath- if so, she'll like taking a dip in Russ' pool next summer!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving Day and Milestones!

Well, It's official! We're homeowners again, and we owe a HUGE thank you to the crew we had on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we had many hands working hard to get us moved. I still can't find a ton of stuff, and we're living out of boxes, but we're in! Here's some pics of the big day.

I love this picture of Jack getting to know Caroline. He was fascinated with her soft hair and tiny fingernails.

Ellie was all smiles feeding her baby cousin!

Could not have moved without this crew! Love them all!!!

Karen organized my whole kitchen and lined all the shelves. WoW! Here she pauses for a baby break, although she wasn't still for long! She also orchestrated our food for the day. Yum. I am humbled by her help and generosity.

Wendy hung all the mini blinds so we'd have privacy our first night home. Awesome!

Look who's the center of attention!! Can you see her in the middle??

Sorry if you've been awaiting a new blog post...but we've been a little busy! I can't believe this little angel is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow..oh, how that makes me sad!! Time goes so fast. She's just a doll, and I'm loving every moment..even those wee moments in the middle of the night. Oh, and if you ever need info on what's on television at 3am, I can fill you in..I've seen just about every infomercial there is while up feeding her at all hours of the night. Let me know if you need a 1-800 number for any Gunther-Renker home product!

We are also now accepting visitors and baby-holders if anyone wants to help! Every time I get a moment to organize or unpack, my little girl needs attention, so if anyone wants to come and help hold a baby, give us a holler! You just have to promise to ignore the mess.

Catchin' some zz's with Dad before the big move...there's a smile there!

We closed at 3pm on Friday, November 6th. Woo-hoo! Rick is so happy to be a homeowner- he shows off the keys! We celebrated in style with champagne, cheese, crackers, and roses. Rick cracks me up. The first thing he did was pull both cars into the garage. He's been wanting to do that for a long time!

Our realtor Anita Bailey has a fun time at our closing...she gets to hold Caroline the entire time! We were too busy signing our names!

Caroline's been a trooper throughout the whole move. She discovered her fingers and began sucking on her thumb on Halloween- but hasn't done too much since. It was a cute moment. Then on her 3 week 1 day birthday, her cord fell off- finally! I felt like my little baby was growing up when this happened. She can finally take a real bath- now we just have to find the tub! I love this pic...wonder what she's dreaming about! Perhaps that new nursery!

and here she's contemplating how we'll be decorating that nursery....or perhaps contemplating filling her pants!
Okay- now there's a blog lengthy enough to make up for my slacking! Enjoy!