Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool cat

This is one of my all time favorite outfits from Caroline...and it's equally cute on Lucy!

Lovin' this ornery grin! Reminds me of the post when Caroline wore this outfit. Click here to compare!

Now that's one. cool. cat. Just relaxin' and hanging out!

Hello blue eyes!

She found her thumb.

And her tongue!

And now. she's. done.

SIX MONTHS! already?

It just doesn't seem possible! As you can see, I have my photo shoot helper with me.

Lucy was making all kinds of faces today...really discovering that tongue!

And she still LOVES the attention from her big sister.

Here she is in all her 6 month baby chunkiness!

Bright - eyed!

Tummy time!

I'm still trying to decide. Do you look like Mommy?

Or Daddy?

There are days you channel both of us. Here I think you're in your Daddy look-alike phase.

Yep...that's your Daddy! Just hand him a remote or a phone to hold!

Either way, you're pretty darn cute!

There's our smiley girl! Are you really 6 months old?

You are still quite the juicy-bug! Drooling and spitting all the time.

You are starting to really become a Daddy's girl. You light up when ever you see him, and your head follows him around the room. You started panting this week when you're really excited. Usually Caroline joins you and giggles right along.You usually get the hiccups when you wake up in the morning and then you start jabbering in your bed. When you see me, you always have a huge smile.

You are still a champion sleeper (except on those naps where you roll to your back!)

You love your fruits - bananas, pears, apples, peaches. And you will tolerate the sweeter veggies - squash, sweet potatoes. But you get mad every time I give you green beans or peas and you spit them out.

Check out those chunky legs!

Sheer joy!

Oh yes...the photo shoot helper. She's still here too. She's been decorating everything within 10 feet with stickers. And trying to squeeze into Lucy's bumbo seat. She might actually fit in the chair better than Lucy at this point! It's a tight fit these days! Happy half-birthday Lucy-Bug! We love you!

Dance with Daddy

What little girl wouldn't love this?

We had our Jersey Boys CD dancing became the order of the day!

And this li'l cutie enjoyed the music while hiding in all her toys! It's the weekend...get your groove on!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rollin, rollin, rollin....

This is how it's done!

Such finesse!

And a smile, too!

Oh, yeah. She's a champ at this one.

The only problem? This tummy sleeper has decided to take up rolling over during naps...and then she wakes up mad. All in all, I can't complain. She is an excellent sleeper. And this too shall pass. But she sure is a cutie. She gets more fun every day! Come and see for yourself!

Sisterly Love?

See that smile? It's for her sister.

Because that giggly silly head in the foreground is making Lucy laugh.

And it's equally funny when Lucy decides to grab ahold of the curls.

Giggly, silly sisters.

And while she's still giggling...there's just no telling what Caroline has decided to try next. I've come to the realization that one mustn't step too far away with two under two. They kind of have a love-hate relationship these days. Just last week Caroline was beaming with pride as she held on to the activity gym and stood...directly on top of Lucy. Caroline also thinks it's really cute and funny to yell "wake up!" to her sister as she tries to fall asleep. Yep. The timeouts in this house these days are for Lucy....she deserves a break every once in awhile too!

The Volcano

Meet Mt. Lucy Eruptus.

Apparently we've lost our fondness for we prefer to spit them.

Sweet potatoes? Squash? Carrots? Anyone wanna try getting those stains out of clothing? And I'm not talking about just the baby clothing.

This girl has some serious distance in her spit power... one needs to wear a haz mat suit to feed her these days. (That would be a close up of her own polka dotted leg.)

And the lovely spotted kitchen table. (And yes, that chair says..warning..not for use on elevated surfaces....going for my mother of the year award again.) Sigh. I'd write some more but I have a few surfaces to clean, and a date with my stain stick. Lava lucy strikes again.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm a Rock Star!

Here's our little Rock Star. At least that's what she is calling herself tonight.

Lucy just sits back and soaks it all in!

Here she's giving me the "really, mom?" look. She puts up with so much..even a rock star, and is still generally happy all the time.

And here's our "rock star" in action. Enjoy, and party on!