Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buckeye Pride

Hello horseshoe! I don't think I've stepped foot in there since graduation. Wow..was it really 20 years ago? Here's a view from our seats in C deck.

O-H-I-O! You know how it goes!

A date with Ohio State today.

It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon. We came home with a little bit of sun on our cheeks but we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

I loved the band. That always was my favorite part!

TBDBITL, doing their thing. Impressive.

The team running onto the field following the half.

Do you like my artsy camera shot? I love how you can see the reflections in their horns.

I love hearing the trumpet cheers, and watching them get the crowd pumped up. Too bad it wasn't Tony playing - he was who I always looked for when we went 24 years ago!

Proof that we really were there!

Carmen Ohio following the game.

We tailgated with Chris and Karen Kaiser following the game. So, of course, I had to capture this shot!

So long, beautiful stadium. It's been too long. Perhaps we'll meet again much sooner. And next time, we'll come for an entire day, complete with Skull Session and the script Ohio. Buckeyes, 27, Toledo Mud Hens, 22. It was a good day. OKAY...I guess I saw a "mudhens" shirt at the game and their shoes were yellow so I figured that the Toledo players had to be some kind of bird. I guess they're the Rockets. Who knew? To be fair the MudHens are in Toledo..but that's the baseball team. How is a non-sports girl supposed to keep up? So, go ahead...chuckle!

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