Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grandma Gaylee celebrates 77

It was a great day. Caroline had big hugs for Grandma Ward.

And Grandma had big hugs for Lucybug!

Grandma is beaming....among all her grandkids- all eight of them!

Some days when we visit, it's tough. But today was a very good day. Grandma entered the room and immediately got emotional. She knew she was among family, and she knew she was loved. It was so good for her to see all of us, and equally good for all of us to spend time with the Grandma we love.

The kids helped blow out the candles.

Time for everyone to dig in and enjoy!

Lucy gets some "helmet free" time to get spoiled by Papa.

The kids had a blast being with each other.

And no one enjoyed watching the chaos and mayhem more than this lady right here.

Tony and Leah played tunes on the piano. We sang together, watched the kids dance, and even Grandma was steppin with the beat and clapping her hands.

She was most taken with Lucy.

And gave her a kiss to quiet her.

That's one good lookin' crew!

Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you! Here's to many more...just like today.

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