Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photography Class

So I have this beautiful new camera.... I just didn't know how beautiful! I treated myself to a class recently and have been working on my technique. The top picture...flower on left in focus, flower in rear is blurry (intentional!)

Same shot, only I switched to focus to the rear flower, and the foreground is now blurry. When I showed these to Rick he said, How'd you do that? My little secret! :)

Fell in love with this shot of Caroline today...only wish I knew Photoshop so I could blur that toy-filled background. But I still love her expression and curls and the way the light hits her eyes.

Would be really cute if she wasn't spitting....but still a cute expression, and neat lighting.

I love the light hitting her profile. She looks so little here..reminds me of her baby poses.

In contrast to this big girl orneryness I see here!

Here's a zoom of the other least we lost the toys in the background.

And another zoom.

But looky what I can do!...Dark shot taken straight from camera.

I learned I can lighten and zoom.

And now that shot that I thought was too dark to be any good...Is precious!


And just for fun, we had to try the b&w effect.

I'm having just a little bit of fun, can you tell? And a package arrived this week from Georgia, (Thanks, Lin!) filled with tutus and feather boas! Oh, the photo sessions we have yet to come! I'm hoping Lucy will be sitting up soon to try that session out. For now, you will likely get more blog posts with my trial and errors..but I promise it will be a fun ride!

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