Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Preschool Pumpkin patch

It was a trip to the MAIZE at Little Darby Creek for both the girls.  Luckily Aunt Wendy was able to step in and chaperone for us.

It looks like it's a great fall day!

Petting animals was fun.

And so was jumping up and down!

Lucy was fearless when it came to feeding the animals.

Love my girls!

A great trip filled with lots of fun for everyone.  We're blessed that both the Preschool and PreK classes were able to go together, so Aunt Wendy was able to spoil everyone at the same time!

Dublin Homecoming

It's a Friday night football game in Dublin, and the temperatures were warm, so we headed to see our favorite cheerleader and band member strut their stuff.
Here's Hannah, all smiles for her fan club.
And Evan is out there somewhere!
And look who came home from college - I think that greeting was a pretty nice welcome!

Luckily we had time after the game to meet up with Hannah.

Warning:  a ring pop can cause your tongue to take on a different color.
Go, Irish, Go!  Our girls love to spend time with family.  We're grateful they're so close.

Visiting Papa Smith

Stake and Shake cuties, following our visit with Papa.
Grandpa Smith gave us a bit of scare this past September.
Luckily, he's a strong man and he's still with us today. 

The girls could hardly wait to go see him and spoil him iwith some love. 

Princess Party

The local high school held a fundraiser princess party this past September.  Well, of course we had to get dressed up and go to meet Cinderella and her Prince Charming, among others.  It was a huge hit with our girls for sure, and what a fun memory for them!  It's as close to Disney as we'll get for awhile.

Anna, from Frozen was a hit.
And Elsa, too!
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Princess tea and cookies!
It was great fun for all!