Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Card

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EIGHT Months!

I can't believe it's been eight months. This little sweetie couldn't be any cuter...and her momma doesn't want her to grow any bigger. I like her just. like. this.

This photo shoot only took 3 tries. It just wasn't jiving well with our schedule this weekend!

But I did manage to get some cute pics of this cutie on film. Lovin' those teeth!

And check out those cheeks! Just makes you want to gobble them up!

These pictures crack me up because this is the expression she does all the time right now. She uses that tongue to feel her new teeth and is constantly exploring that mouth.

And I just couldn't keep her in one place for long. She's rolling everywhere these days!

My 'helper' in the background thought it would be fun to tickle Lucy's back during our shoot.

It worked!

Lucy spotted the '8' on her tummy and thought it would be fun to eat it.

Had to capture those little piggies.

Peeking at Mommy.

On. the. go.


Lovin' these baby rolls. Sorry for the slew of pictures, but I just couldn't decide..I love them all!

And when she shows those teeth, she melts me!

Raise your arms, girl! Celebrate you!

It just gets more fun every day!

I have loved having 5 days off in a row to spoil my girls! Can you tell by the numerous posts this weekend? We've been having fun and enjoying every minute. At 8 months Lucy is really showing her personality. She loves her toys and pretty much anything within reach goes in the mouth. She also loves toys that light up or make music. She can sit up on her own and keep herself entertained with her basket of toys. She still naps and sleeps like a champ and eats 3 meals a day of her baby food, and 4 bottles. We tried some smashed bananas yesterday and received some mixed reviews, but we did enjoy a few bites of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. We now have 2 bottom teeth, and as you can see from the photo here, we have almost 4 on top! She likes to repeat you when you make coughing sounds. She will jabber in bed when she wakes, and sometimes she'll use those lungs to let you know she's still there! She is happy and delightful most of the time and we couldn't be luckier. Sigh. On December 25th, we'll celebrate 9 months. Why does that first year go so fast?

Cookie time!

It's cookie decorating time!

So I grabbed a helper!

She named herself official cookie decorating taster...and fulfilled the job quite well.

As you can tell, it's really not about the's about the taste.


And the finished product!

Someone looks quite proud!

And of course, we had to lick the beaters! That was always the best job!

It's a wonder we had anything edible left to eat after this session, but all in all, not a bad attempt for a two year old! We're loving our memory-making sessions, can you tell? What a fun holiday we have in store!

Look who I caught being cheesy

I guess she gets it naturally!

And a bow as big as her personality!

More 'cheesiness' from big sis.

Oh yes.

She's a ham alright!

Tree Decorating

Toddlers can be so, um..helpful, when decorating the tree.

The sea of toys admist my desire to decorate has me a bit overwhelmed.

But this little helper recharges my inspiration!

And even after the decor is somewhat 'helpers' still like to rearrange things. But this is the stuff that memories are made of!

A visit with the Manley family

Kirk and Rick go back to their college days at BG, and we haven't seen them since their Jackson was about Lucy's age. And before that - we last saw them when Kirk sang at our wedding! Caroline and Kirk hit it off immediately.

And she was also quite smitten with Jackson!

Here's sweet little four-month old Knox. He was too cute for words!

More play time!

Lucy had fun getting spoiled by the extra attention, too!

Well wouldn't you?

It was a great visit - and one we must schedule more often! We'll have to make the trip to Georgia to see them sometime soon.

Thanks for making time for us, Manely's! You are loved and missed!

Best buds.