Monday, November 21, 2011

Zoo Wildlights

Here we are ready to have some zoo fun.

It was a lovely night to explore the Christmas lights at the zoo, and celebrate Evan's birthday.

It was fun to have all the cousins together for an outing. This doesn't happen too often, and the girls loved being with all their big Ward cousins.

Looks like a holiday card photo if you ask me! I remember coming to the zoo lights with Leah and Hannah when Evan was born! Gosh time flies!

A Nuspl family pic.

Lucy and Caroline get spoiled by the big girls.

Time for a Smith family photo op.

And the Nuspl's, too!

Daddy gives Lucy some lovin'.

Caroline is in awe of the light show set to music.

View of the lights reflecting in the pond.

I have decided that I want to take teenagers along on every outing from now on! It was great for us to have the extra help, and allowed for the many photos to be taken. We'll make another trip back if the weather stays warm to see more animals. As it was, the girls were happy just to be with all of us. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your loved ones, too!

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