Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bedroom decor & baby smiles

The third time is a charm...after Ikea was sold out of both duvet cover sets that we liked, I went on a hunt. I bid on this set on ebay over a month ago, and was outbid by $1..grrr... so, imagine how excited I was when I saw the same set listed again for $20 less! Score! It came a few weeks ago, and even though the packaging said it was a king was only a queen. Arrgh! After returning that set, ebay finally had a third listing. This one was cheaper even still, and didn't include the bed skirt, which I didn't need anyway! It arrived this week...and I think it's just perfect! Now if I get curtains, and some pictures on the walls I'll begin to feel like it's really a home. (And I'm told our table and chairs from Crate & Barrel has shipped!!!) Woo-hoo!
I put Caroline in her bumbo seat and turned on a Baby Einstein movie yesterday. She was so cute, because when I would talk to her, she'd smile, but she just couldn't take her eyes of the tv. It was so funny. So, I have a lot of pictures of her with her head turned to the side! I captured a few front shots...mostly of her talking and jabbering!

I'm trying to smile mommy, but I just like watching my show!!!
It's okay with mommy...because I think you're cute from every angle!
Voila! Finally a smile where she's looking at me!

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