Friday, January 3, 2014

A frisky visitor

So the snow day left us with enough snow to shovel, and the girls wanted to venture back outside while Daddy worked on the driveway.

 It was bitter cold and the sun was just about to go down for the evening,
 when we heard a little meow...
 And this little kitty entered the picture.
 She made herself at home, on our porch!

 And she absolutely loved our girls - especially Lucy!

 And the feelings appear to be mutual!

 Peek!  Now she's crawling through her legs!
So, after we played with kitty, we saw no signs of anyone looking for her.  Since it was a cold evening, we kept kitty in our garage overnight to get her out of the cold.  We tried to find the owner the following day and ended up taking her to the humane society - twice!  (it's a long story!)  But the following Thursday no one had claimed her yet and she was due to go to PetSmart for adoption.  Hmmm.....   we were starting to have a little love for this abandoned kitty who seemed to have chosen us.   to be continued......

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